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  1. While I'd love to see a Batgirl movie, I'm not sure it will do well.
  2. This is another reason I despise that Summer Newman character. So many of the fans act like this.
  3. WeAreInOur20s needs to stay off social media until she can get rid of that compulsive need to get people harassed.
  4. She is why my younger sister left Twitter. After my sister said she didn't like how Summer acts like the world revolves around her, she trolled her. A friend defended her. She accused her of being her. Then they both got heavily trolled by those associated with WeAreInOur20s and WeAreInOur20s herself.
  5. Anytime I hear of a new Sean Astin movie, I hope it's Goonies 2. I guess this will do.
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