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  1. Oh hell no! Someone who ignored racist remarks is just as bad as someone saying them. Him also ignoring these veiled threats says alot about him. I'll show my cousin Xavier in Jacksonville. I doubt he will want to order from Papa John's again.
  2. The Boys Season 3 Adds Mother's Milk's Wife & The TNT Twins To Cast Who else is smiling right now?
  3. ‘Hotel Transylvania 4’ Heads to Amazon, Sets January Premiere Date Good. Theaters do not deserve this movie. It will be too expensive for those with a few kids or a big family.
  4. Since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, he hasn't been much of a supportive father.
  5. Likes = NONE Dislikes = Claiming she was bullied, while she trashes the royal family on national TV.
  6. I'm not @Goldenforce772, but I think the police have no right to gather social media handles. This is just an excuse to further control what we say and do.
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