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  1. *Welholme Castle* -Celestra removed her helmet.- Advisor Brethen: "Celestra, I did not recognize you. Please you must get to safety. Before they find you." Celestra: "Not without you sir." Advisor Brethen: "I will soon be gone from this world. My injuries too great. Whatever happens you must make sure the Kalogore soldiers do not get a hold of you." -Before Celestra could ask anymore questions, she heard a number of footsteps heading her way. She put her helmet back on and drew her sword. From around the corner appeared Sir Jevon Richards along with 3 soldiers from the Kalgore Royal Army.- Sir Richards: "Puny little thing aren't you boy? I will take pleasure in this." Celestra: "Puny eh?" -Sir Jevon Richards rushed towards her with his sword. She parried his attacks quickly. He blocked several of her blows with his shield. THEN she managed to get in a strike. Her blade struck his face.- Celestra (shouting): "Feel the pain for yourself!" -Sir Richards clutched his hand to his face. At that moment she noticed Advisor Brethen had just passed away from his injuries. Although Celestra didn't want to leave him, she took this chance to make a run for it. She barely made it to the stables. She quickly saddled up a horse. Just as she got on the horse a few Kalgore soldiers made their way into the stables. She wasted no time in getting out of there heading towards the Siender Forest.- *Siender Forest - Just outside of Welholme* -Celestra had made it to the forest without a problem then suddenly a man in Kalgore royal clothes and 2 others stepped came out of nowhere. Celestra's horse was strartled; she was thrown. Her helmet came off landing 2 feet away.- Prince Rossler: "Well, seems as if we have a run away here....." -Prince Rossler stopped mid-sentence when he noticed a light symbol of a triangle on the back of Celestra's neck. He was at a complete loss of words. The symbol on the back of her neck was exactly like the one on the back of his. It was then he realized the female soldier that lay before him, was the other immortal like him. Celestra grabbed her helmet just as she quickly stood up. In the distance her name was called. Prince Rossler noticed too and she responded. She noticed the young man before her staring at her. She also noticed the blood on his sword. She didn't want to take any chances. She quickly put the helmet back on. She quickly began to run as fast as she could.- Prince Rossler: "AFTER HER!!!" RG Shalice: "Dead or alive sire?" Prince Rossler: "Shalice, make sure she is brought back alive. She is why we came here." RG Shalice: "Drover, come." -Royal Guards Drover and Shalice both gave chase to Celestra. Luckily she was ahead quite a bit. She happened to come upon the cave leading to the fort. She hid behind a rock to be safe in case the 2 guards after her came by. When she knew it was safe, she began to walk through to the other end. It took her 30 minutes, but she got through.- *Welholme's Fort* -The fort was of medium size surrounded by mountains. She breathed easy knowing she was safe. She was immediately greeted by one of the soldiers, Royal Knight Daniels. She removed her helmet holding it with her left arm.- Celestra: "Did the king make it alright?" RK Daniels: "Yes, but he is gravely wounded... Celestra, it's you! Please, right this way. The king has been asking for you. It is very urgent.".....
  2. *Drakemere - a small town just outside of Welholme Castle* -Prince Rossler laughed maniacly as he ordered the captain of his royal guards, Sir Jevon Richards, to burn down a few more homes to the east of town. After Sir Richards had fulfilled his duty, he trekked alongside Prince Rossler out of Drekemere and towards the Castle city of Welholme. Their army followed closely behind, leaving in their wake, a town in utter devastation.- Sir Richards: "Your majesty, I believe Welholme is up ahead." Prince Rossler: "Good, I noticed a few of the towns people escaped. That wasn't suppose to happen. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE PREPARED!" Sir Richards: "My apologies sire." -Sir Jevon Richards signaled General Haddox to ride ahead with a number of their troops- Prince Rossler: "Does Welholme, have any idea about what's about to happen?" Sir Richards: "Not a clue sire." Prince Rossler: "Good, then our hostile take over should go according to plan." *Welholme Castle - Kitchen* -Before Celestra could warn anyone about what was going on, one of the royal guards burst into the kitchen urging everyone to get to safety. Many were distressed, asking what was going on.- Mama Gurt (one of the kitchen staff): "What's going on here?! What's all that noise?" RG Halvert: "The city is under attack. You must get to safety at once!" -Screaming could be heard in the distance. Lots of noise, much chaos.- (voice in the distance being heard): "Kill anyone who doesn't cooperate!" -Celestra snuck out of the kitchen amidst all the chaos. Down the hallway she came upon 2 heavily armored men. Both gave chase. She quickly turned around and kept running as fast as she could. They were beginning to catch up to her so she went into the first open door she could find. By sheer luck, she ended up in the castle's armory.- *Welholme Castle Armory* -Celestra looked around for a weapon she could use, just in case she got into trouble. As she was looking she noticed some armor that just might fit her. It was a semi-descent set of chainmail. She quickly put it on along with the helmet she saw. She grabbed a shield and sword. She then exitted the armory.- *Welholme Castle* -Celestra could hear alot of commotion. People screaming. She could see people, ordinary citizens, being slaughtered. One of the Kalgore soldiers rushed her. Quickly, she parried his attacks and blocked with her shield. She ran him through with her blade.- (voice in the distance): "We must save the king!" -Celestra fought her way through several Kalgore soldiers that began pouring into the hallways of the castle. She came upon the king's personal assistant in the hallway, just before his chambers, gravely injured. All he saw was a soldier smaller than normal in some of the royal armor.- Celestra: "Where's his majesty?" Advisor Brethen: "He... he's making his way to the fort. it's bad.. very bad...." Celestra: "I can see that sir, I'll help defend the castle to the best of my ability." Advisor Brethen: "Get as many people to safety as possible. Above all, make sure you get.... miss Celestra to safety at all costs.".....
  3. *Welholme Castle - Celestra's room* -Celestra woke up to a gentle knock on the door. It was one of the maids in the castle, Ethna.- Ethna: "Celestra, wake up. Today is Prince Frenco's birthday. His father would like us to get an early start on his birthday celebration cuisine." Celestra: "Just give me 5 minutes to get dressed and presentable." Ethna: "Alright, I'll see you in the kitchen. Hurry along" -Celestra got out of bed and grabbed her clothes from on top of her tiny dresser. It was a good thing she anticipated King Gerand wanting the castle staff to get to an early start. The moment she was dressed she headed towards the kitchen.- *Welholme Castle - Kitchen Area* -Ethna greeted Celestra.- Ethna: "Come on, come on. We got to get started." -Celestra washed her hands then grabbed some fresh vegetables. She placed them in a huge pot. Elsewhere in the castle, King Gerand entered the training grounds just off the courtyard. He tapped Captain Helsterm on his shoulder.- King Gerand: "Captain Helsterm, I'm worried. Our courier hasn't returned with any news. It's been nearly a week." Capt. Helsterm: "He returned late last night sire. Didn't your advisor Rathin inform you?" King Gerand: "He neglected to do so. Anyway, what's the news from Mayor Quincy in Haldenburg?" Capt. Helsterm: "He suspects the Kingdom of Kalgore's King Drake is planning something." King Gerand: "I wouldn't doubt it Captain. Not long ago they decimated the kingdom of Telian and took control." Capt. Helsterm: "Mayor Quincy has sent some of the town's guards out to patrol the area for any unusual activity. A scout is suppose to report directly to myself later today." King Gerand: "Excellent. You'll report to me as soon as....." -Before the king could finish his sentence, 2 guardsmen came gallopping towards them upon their steeds.- Guardsman #1: "Captain Helsterm..... your majesty...." -Just as they approached, one of them fell off his horse. Captain Helsterm immediately knelt beside him as the other got off his horse.- Capt. Helsterm: "What happened to the two of you? Guardsman #1 (one who got off his horse, not fell): "We were ambushed. Rolan got shot by an arrow. We barely made it here." King Gerand (glaring at the injured guardsman): "Ambushed by who? AMBUSHED BY WHO????" Guardsman Rolan (getting weaker): "Kal... Kalgore.. soldiers from Kalgore. Dozens of them." King Gerand: "Where was this? When was this?" -The injured guardsman lost consciousness and died.- Guardsman #1 (breathing heavier): "In the past day sire....but.. but we haven't much time. Another.. day maybe." Capt. Helsterm: "Until what?" Guardsman #1: "They're here. An.... an entire army....lead by Kalgore's prince himself." King Gerand (looking at Capt. Helsterm): "Gather the royal guard and the rest of our army immediately for an emergency meeting." Capt. Helsterm (nodding to the king): "Right away your majesty." *Welholme Castle - Just outside the kitchen area by the well* -Celestra was carrying 2 big buckets of water from the well back to the kitchen when she heard a group of royal guards go by.- RG Keiger: "The rest of our army needs to be briefed right away." RG Smithin: "The situation is grave indeed. The Kalgore army could be here within hours." RG Keiger: "William, organize some of the guard together to get some of our citizens to...." -Royal Guard Keiger stopped mid-sentence when he heard screams and commotion in the far distance.-.....
  4. INTRODUCTION Besides the power of immortality, the immortal legends have extra ordinary powers. One of them being telekinesis (to an extent). Another; the extraordinary ability to heal. Also the ability to control electricity and its power (to an extent) and the forces of natures (to an extent). Once the female reaches age 18 and the male reaches 35, the aging process literally stops. The immortal legends in this story are able to summon a pair of angelic-like wings at will. Ashlyn Kenner found out she was one of the immortal 2 when she was just 6 years old. A being known as Black Midnight had come to her to tell her what she was and expressed the importance that it would not be wise for anyone to know unless they had to. After all, wouldn’t she want close to a normal life? Ashlyn lives in a town called Prezing, Florida on the east coast; about half way down the state. She was an only child. She had a wonderful mother, but an alcoholic father. Started when she was 10 years old. What lay in store for her? What would her eternity in life be like? Only time would tell.
  5. INTRODUCTION In the year 2089 AD in the month of March, the World Space Exploration Federation formed. The United States, Russia, China, Japan, and many other countries joined the newly found organization. A number of years later, even the country of Iran joined. Those within the WSEF worked together in a joint effort to take space exploration a step further with technology that would allow those on the planet reach other worlds. More powerful telescopes were built. Plans to colonize other worlds were being made. In 2094 AD a scientist by the name of Anthony Blacktone discovered a planet in a solar system far away from their own. One of which he name Fujon. In 2095 AD a branch of the WSEF came in contact with an alien race known as the Delarien. Very few knew of their existance. The only ones that knew were a select few within the United States Military Force. The Delarien’s were from the planet of Delar in the Telthun Solar System from the Andromeda galaxy. In 2098 a scientist Stephen Jackson began work on the first hyper warp drive engine with technological assistance from the Delarien’s. With this technology, the people of Earth would surely have the means to venture out into the stars. In 2099 AD the United States and China being at odds over who was to head the production of the Hyper Warp Drive Engine and who would have exclusive rights over this new found technology. China argues that they should have exclusivity because of all the past technological advances they’ve contributed to the world. The United States argues that the rights should go to all those within the WSEF. World War III got out of control. Nukes were fired. Atom bombs were used. Many many lives were lost. After a few months, a cease fire was called. But it was too late. The persistent use of nukes, atom bombs, and various chemical weapons put such a strain on the environment that it had become unlivable. Humans were forced to live in cities underground or domed cities above ground. Despite all that has happened with World War III and the deterioration of Earth’s environment, the Hyper Warp Drive Engine was completed by scientist Stephen Jackson in 2105 AD. A man by the name of Thalius Hawking was picked to test out this device in a space ship first. To everyone’s delight, the testing went well. He then became known as a hero, giving courage to all those on Earth of one day venturing to a new world. Upon which the mass production of several vessels were made. To celebrate this magnificent feet and a new beginning in space exploration, a new calendar was adopted.; SD. SD for Space Date. Elyria was born in the year 13 SD in the domed city of Palthom to Thalius Hawking and his wife Rena. When she was a mere 7 years old she learned she was different from all others she had come to know. A mystical being known as Drakor guided her for the first year of knowing what she was, after that she was left to fend for herself but not before being told there was another like her. Arumar was born on the doomed world of Delar. From a very young age he was trained to be the best of the best for the Delarian army. He was hardcore and showed no mercy. He trained hard and he trained well. He was 5 years old when he found out what he was. He took it quite well and decided to make the most of it. He was told there was another like him, but nothing more than that. As to if and when these immortal two would meet…. who knows. Now begins the story of Immortal Legends: Version 7……
  6. INTRODUCTION In the world of Ulgothe there is 2 different realms: The Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness. In the Realm of Darkness, the Velarien Kingdom was the kingdom that reigned over all. It’s ruler was an evil being known as King Malgore of the shadow elves. His son, Prince Valynn was the crowned prince and next in line to rule the kingdom and reign over the Realm of Darkness. For the Realm of Light, it was the Kingdom of Felgarde that was the reigning kingdom. It’s ruler was a strong, and stubborn, man known as King Hydalgo. He had the best royal army out of all the kingdoms in the world of Ulgothe. One of his favorite soldiers was a young beautiful female paladin known as Lilyana. When Lilyana was only 7 years old she found out from a being known as Xarien what she was; one of the immortal two. She was in disbelief at first, but after a lengthy simple explanation, Xarien got through to her. To her dismay, Xarien revealed that the other like her was of pure evil in the Realm of Darkness. Prince Valynn found out what he was when he was a mere age of 10 from Xarien. He urged the young prince to become a just ruler so one day he and the other like him could fight side by side against evils greater than those from the Realm of Darkness. Sadly Prince Valynn didn’t take to Xarien’s idea too well and kept along the path of evil…..
  7. INTRODUCTION Celestra was born in the kingdom of Welholme. Her parents were mere common folke. Her mother died when she was young. She was raised by her father whom was the personal chef to King Gerand. When she was a mere 6 years old she began to figure out she wasn’t “normal”. A mystical being known only as Morlyn approached her one night when she wandered off late at night into the woods. When Celestra was only 12 years old her father passed away of a terrible sickness known as pneumonia. She took over her father’s job as the castle chef. For being so young, she was quite good at her job. King Gerand was quite pleased. Prince Rossler was born to King Drake of Kalgore kingdom. King Drake was a cruel and harsh man. He raised his son to be the same. King Drake did his best to groom his son to be king one day. When he was just 17 years old, his father, in an ultimate test of his years of training, had him lead their troops into war against the rival kingdom of Welholme. Celestra was only 13 at the time…..
  8. INTRODUCTION Ashelynn (nicknamed Ashe) Jameson was 7 years old when she first figured out she wasn’t an ordinary girl. A being of vast and great power known as Gestore. For 2 years Ashelynn had wondered who the mysterious person was that occasionally appeared to her as if he was watching over her like a guardian angel. Her best friend Larry was with her when she learned of who and what she was. Gestore expressed the importance of why he must keep this a secret from all he knew. for if he uttered a word, his life and that of his friend Ashelynn would never be the same. When Ashelynn was 11 years old she learned that there was another like her, but was saddened to learn he was evil by nature. “In time you might come across the other like yourself and come to know him by what many call him…’the Fireghost’.”. is what Gestore told her. He warned her to be careful when crossing his path. Ashelynn had asked if there was a chance that one day he, the Fireghost could be turned to the side of good so they could combat the evils of the universe together. She was told it was highly unlikely, but still hoped someday it could happen. Ashelynn’s first encounter with the Fireghost was on her 12th birthday. He appeared in the form of a firey apparition. At first Ashelynn thought it was part of a prank her best friend Larry was playing on her, but when she got a feeling of extreme uneasiness, she knew something wasn’t right. Off and on it kept appearing to her in that form. Never saying anything, never doing anything. Just there.. watching… as if waiting for the right moment to make its move….. Now begins Immortal Legends version 4!
  9. INTRODUCTION Kimber and Jaxon have been best friends since they met at a party her mother attended to welcome a few new neighbors to the neighborhood. They were next door neighbors and 4 years apart in age, but nonetheless, they were the best of friends. On Kimber’s 8th birthday is when she found out who and what she was. Jaxon was happy for her, but at the same time disappointed since Kimber would go on living long after he would pass on. But to Jaxon’s amazement, he turned out to be the 2nd immortal one of legend. Knowing he would spend eternity with his best friend made him happier than a Make-A-Wish kid on Christmas. Over the next few years, both Jaxon and Kimber trained their newfound abilities together. As they did, they grew closer as best friends. Jaxon had begun to develop feelings for Kimber. Alas, he was afraid to tell her. What if she thought it was just because of what she was…what he was? Unbeknownst to Jaxon, Kimber felt the same way. Only time would tell what would happen with these two and all that would come forth. Together, Kimber and Jaxon will face many great trials and tribulations, many evils, and most off all while trying to have a normal life…..
  10. INTRODUCTION When Kiara Drake was only 5 years old she learned of her powers and abilities from a being known only as White Lion to a select few. She was in great disbelief at first for she was only a mere child at the time. Through various events and visits throughout that year, she came to understand a little of what lay ahead for her. She also learned there was another like her out there somewhere, but was never told who. She always wondered. When she was 13 years old, Kiara had her first battle using her powers with 3 mysterious creatures that she spotted at the river bank near her home. They looked similar to the Tengu Warriors from the first Power Rangers movie except their beaks were shorter. It was during her first battle that her best friend Rick figured out the secret she had been keeping all this time. He always wondered why she periodically had to go just for “no reason”. Christmas day of 2015 was her first encounter with this strange being that looked like a cross between the orcs from Lord of the Rings and vampires from various stories and movies she has seen, had appeared. It just watched her. It stood there just watching her as if almost it was entranced. This happened again on a few occasions. Shortly there after these beings similar to that creature, known as Vampyro kept coming around. They never stuck around for very long. She always wondered why. Soon, she was about to find out…..
  11. INTRODUCTION At the age of 4, Miyana Lansing was paid a visit by a being known only as Zephyrr. He informed her she wasn’t like other human being, but rather she was born one of the 2 legendary immortals. It was hard for her to understand, but as time went on and Zephyrr coached her in practicing her newfound abilities she had come to get the hang of it. She first encountered beings from a different world when she was only 7 years old. They were creatures known as Jauntlers. She had no idea where they came from or why they came to her world. When she was 13 she had more encounters with various other types of beings. That is when Zephyrr appeared to her again and helped her create her fighting armor to transform into in case there was trouble in public view so her identity would not be revealed. When Nick Provenz found out of his power, he was 17 years old. He didn’t take to it very well, but got use to it after a few visits and training sessions with Zephyrr. He was told of another like him but was never told who. When he was only 20 he became a police officer in the Dellington, Florida Police Department. He loved the job and decided to make it a career. It didn’t take long for him to climb up in rank to lieutenant. He was quite good at his job, but sadly he had quite a vicious temper. Now begins version 1 of Immortal Legends series…..
  12. Introduction (version 8)
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  13. Introduction (version 8)
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  15. Introduction (version 7)
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