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  1. *The Streets- Dellington, FL* -Miyana smiled at Nick.- Nick Provenz: "We do not have much time, but we have some. Where would you like to go?" Miyana: "How about Arbys across from the mall? I know you love their gyros." Nick Provenz: "Of course, but I'll let you pick." Miyana: "That is what I pick. Don't argue. Besides, there's suppose to be a huge crowd at the theatre tonight. Don't you want the memory of a meal from one of your favorite places to help you through?" Nick Provenz: "I have the memory of our first kiss and you being my girlfriend." Miyana (blu
  2. *Kalgore Castle - King Drake's Bed Chambers* -It was just shortly after midnight. Prince Rossler knocked on the door of his father's bed chambers. He entered upon being permitted to do so.- Prince Rossler: "Father you summoned me?" King Drake: "Yes I did son. It is getting close to your 21st birthday. We need to step up our efforts in finding Princess Celestra." Prince Rossler: "Don't you think I know that?" King Drake: "I think we need soldiers in every town. If she is hiding or being careful, she will be spotted eventually due to her own fault." Prince Rossler:
  3. When Celestra turned 16, Taylor began to talk to her about finding a husband, a good hard working man that will take care of her. She even pointed out this one fine gentleman in Rockshire name Trenton that fancied her and showed alot of promise. She asked her to give him a chance. She said she would although she couldn't promise anything. Prince Rossler was growing even more restless wondering where Celestra could have gone to. He was becoming desperate. One day Celestra was sent to the forest to gather up some berries. It was a peaceful day. There was no one in sight s
  4. Guards began to come around town more often when the taxes were increased. Those who could not afford to pay, were hauled away and taken to serve time in jail. Celestra did what she could to help those families in need. She even gave up some of her own spending money to help. Once she turned 15, there was one gentleman in the town even began to fancy her. Prince Rossler had become more and more restless as his search for Celestra turned up nothing. He began to take his frustration out on prisoners in debt and on most people that just happened to touch a nerve. It ached him to long
  5. When Celestra turned 14, she took on more responsibility when Bryce got hurt on the job. She did well in helping support her new family. Celestra even helped the baker's wife deliver her baby. She went hunting a few times to help out with food for several families. When it came time for taxes to be collected, Celestra made sure she was working where she wouldn't be recognized. A few times when she was helping the farmer down the road with his pigs, she was so dirty, the sheriff thought she was a man. By the time Prince Rossler had turned 18 he was growing more impatient
  6. Bryce and Taylor managed to get Celestra safely away from Welholme and the grasp of Prince Rossler. It took nearly a month but they made it to Rockshire in the Kingdom of Kalgore. Celestra was weary at first but realized Rockshire was the safest place she could be. After all, why would Prince Rossler look within his own kingdom for her? Bryce got a job with the local Blacksmith, his cousin Daniel. He was the only one in the village that knew the truth about Celestra. Everyone else thought she was Bryce and Taylor's daughter. Celestra got a job with the local baker, Mr Jibbs. He adm
  7. *Miyana's apartment* -Miyana enjoyed a good relaxing bath. She took care in re-wrapping her arm as she got ready to go out. As she was about to head to her closet, she noticed she received a text from Nick.- Nick Provenz (text): "How's the arm?" Miyana (text): "Very sore." Nick Provenz (text): "When I see you later, let me take a look at it." Miyana (text): "Sure." -Miyana put her phone down on her bed as she went in her closet. She picked up this box at the top of her closet. In it contained a dress she had made for this very occasion. It was a dress that looke
  8. *Siender Forest* -Sir Jevon Richards frantically looked for a spot to dump the limp Celestra. He didn't want to be gone too long from the camp for he didn't want the Prince Rossler to know what he was really up to. He then found the perfect spot. He then stopped by the nearby creek. He pushed her off the front of the horse.- Sir Richards: "Celestra... dear princess Celestra so sad you have to meet your demise in such a place, but I can't let you get away with what you did to my face." -Sir Jevon Richards briefly dismounted then proceeded to inflict much pain upon
  9. *Welholme's Fort* -Celestra headed over to where several of the kingdom's soldiers had their horses tied up. She then found one to her liking. She put the saddle on the horse making sure everything was in its place. Then Royal Knight Daniels came up to her.- RK Daniels: "Celestra, please... you need to stay here where it is safe." Celestra: "Safe.. you say that like we can just all stay here and live happily or something. Unless something is done, they will eventually find us." -Celestra then got up on the horse and gave Royal Knight Daniels a small salute then pressed fo
  10. *Welholme's Fort* -Celestra was in shock as King Gerand revealed to her that she was his daughter. During that moment of silence, Royal Knight Daniels entered the tent.- RK Daniels: "Sire, you told her?" -The king nodded. Celestra remained speechless.- King Gerand (to RK Daniels): "There is more to... to it." RK Daniels: "Sire please you must take it easy. You can talk later." King Gerand: "She needs to hear.. the rest of it. Celestra, somehow King Drake found out about what I did. I am not sure how, but he has. He found out long ago." -King Gerand coug
  11. *Welholme's Fort* -Celestra went with Royal Knight Daniels to the huge tent within the fort where the injured king himself was.- RK Daniels: "Celestra, be mindful he is badly injured. Do not stress him. Don't talk, just lis...." King Gerand (interrupting): "It's quite alright Sir Daniels. Please, leave us." -RK Daniels stepped out.- King Gerand (saddened): "I fear I have made a grave error that just cost me my kingdom and put you in danger." Celestra: "Sire, you have been good and generous to me throughout my life. You offered me more many times when I told you
  12. *Dellington, FL USA - Police Station* -Nick stepped out of the station to head to his police car when he heard a few rookies chatting it up, talking about him and his temper. He blew it off deciding they weren't worth it. He wasn't looking forward to the day much, as he had to put up with one of the most annoying rookies as his partner, til his (the rookie's) partner was off sick leave. The rookie was waiting for him by the car.- Officer Jack Hemmings: "What are we going to do today? Anything exiting?" -They both got into the police car.- *Dellington, FL USA - the
  13. *Welholme Castle* -Celestra removed her helmet.- Advisor Brethen: "Celestra, I did not recognize you. Please you must get to safety. Before they find you." Celestra: "Not without you sir." Advisor Brethen: "I will soon be gone from this world. My injuries too great. Whatever happens you must make sure the Kalogore soldiers do not get a hold of you." -Before Celestra could ask anymore questions, she heard a number of footsteps heading her way. She put her helmet back on and drew her sword. From around the corner appeared Sir Jevon Richards along with 3 soldiers from t
  14. *Drakemere - a small town just outside of Welholme Castle* -Prince Rossler laughed maniacly as he ordered the captain of his royal guards, Sir Jevon Richards, to burn down a few more homes to the east of town. After Sir Richards had fulfilled his duty, he trekked alongside Prince Rossler out of Drekemere and towards the Castle city of Welholme. Their army followed closely behind, leaving in their wake, a town in utter devastation.- Sir Richards: "Your majesty, I believe Welholme is up ahead." Prince Rossler: "Good, I noticed a few of the towns people escaped. That wasn't suppos
  15. *Welholme Castle - Celestra's room* -Celestra woke up to a gentle knock on the door. It was one of the maids in the castle, Ethna.- Ethna: "Celestra, wake up. Today is Prince Frenco's birthday. His father would like us to get an early start on his birthday celebration cuisine." Celestra: "Just give me 5 minutes to get dressed and presentable." Ethna: "Alright, I'll see you in the kitchen. Hurry along" -Celestra got out of bed and grabbed her clothes from on top of her tiny dresser. It was a good thing she anticipated King Gerand wanting the castle staff to get to an
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