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  1. *Welholme's Fort* -Celestra headed over to where several of the kingdom's soldiers had their horses tied up. She then found one to her liking. She put the saddle on the horse making sure everything was in its place. Then Royal Knight Daniels came up to her.- RK Daniels: "Celestra, please... you need to stay here where it is safe." Celestra: "Safe.. you say that like we can just all stay here and live happily or something. Unless something is done, they will eventually find us." -Celestra then got up on the horse and gave Royal Knight Daniels a small salute then pressed forward towards the cave leading out of the fort. She made sure to tread on quietly so as to not attract attention exitting the cave so just in case she was spotted, no one would discover where all the others were hiding.- *Siender Forest* -Celestra continued riding through the forest. In the distance towards the castle was lots of commotion. She then began to ride in that direction. SUDDENLY her horse was startled; she was thrown. She then saw 3 people surround her. She looked up seeing 3 Kalgoren soldier pointing their weapons at her.- RG Shalice: "Well, what do we have here now. Some skinny little whelp." RG Drover: "Hey you, get up!" -Celestra then stood up looking directly at Royal Guard Shalice.- Celestra: "Take me to the one who lead you here." RG Drover: "Shut up whelp! You will not speak unless told!" -Royal Guard Drover gave Celestra a hard shove. As she fell to the ground, her helmet came off. Right as it fell off, RG Drover jabbed her in the side with his sword. 4 inches deep it went. Then suddenly Royal Guard Shalice saw her face and noticed who she was.- RG Shalice: "YOU IDIOT! She is the one his highness wanted us to find!" RG Syron: "She also happens to be the one we came here for." *Small Camp in Siender Forest close to Welholme Castle* -Prince Rossler took a seat at the table by his tent beside Royal Guard Captain Danzer.- Prince Rossler: "Shalice, Syron, and Drover have been gone an awfully long time. they had better not be...." RG C Danzer: "Sire, look. There they are." Prince Rossler: "I see that. But who is that Shalice is carrying?" -Prince Rossler stood up, as did Royal Guard Captain Danzer. They both walked towards Shalice, Syron, and Drover.- Prince Rossler: "Shalice who is this you carry?" RG Drover: "Sire I didn't mean.. I-I didn't know it was..." RG Syron: "Drover, shut up." RG Shalice: "Sire, We.. we came across her by chance... We.." Prince Rossler: "MEDICS!" -Suddenly 2 medics hurried in their direction with a stretcher. Royal Guard Shalice placed her upon it.- Prince Rossler: "You make sure she gets taken care of." -After the medics took Celestra to a nearby tent, Prince Rossler then focused his angered glare towards Royal Guards Shalice, Drover, and Syron.- Prince Rossler: "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER?!" RG Syron: "It was Drover... he ran her through." RG Drover: "I didn't know it was her!" Prince Rossler: "You.." RG Drover: "She had full armor... everything.. how was I suppose to know..." Prince Rossler: "SILENCE idiot!" -Prince Rossler then turned towards Royal Guards Shalice and Syron.- Prince Rossler: "You two, hold Drover to his knees...... NOW!" -Royal Guards Shalice and Syron force Drover to his knees. Drover begged for his life, but it was too late. Prince Rossler drew his sword and brought it down upon Drover's neck.- Prince Rossler: "You two, clean this up." -At the other end of the camp, the only medic around, Medic Worrman, tended to Celestra.- Medic Worrman: "I see you've opened your eyes. How do you feel?" Celestra: "Light headed and weak. Who...who are you? Where am I?" Medic Worrman: "Medic Worrman Princess. Where you are is not important. What is is that you rest. You've lost alot of blood." Celestra: "Nice to meet you sir. Is it okay if I put a shirt on?" Medic Worrman: "Certainly Princess." -Medic Worrman picked up a nearby large blue shirt handing it to Celestra. He turned around. Celestra removes the small blanket that was laying across her chest, then she put on the shirt. She grimaced in pain as she laid back down.- Celestra: "I'm descent now." Medic Worrman: "Are you up for a visitor?" Celestra: "Uh, sure" -Not even a moment later, Sir Jevon Richards entered the tent.- Sir Jevon Richards: "Medic, your meal for the night is ready. You may go. I'll tend to the princess." Medic Worrman: "Yes sir." -Medic Worrman headed out to where the meals were being served.- Celestra: "Y-you, it's you... you murdered Advisor Brethen!" Sir Richards: "Shut up! You will get your rightful punishment for what you did!" -Sir Jevon Richards pointed towards a large cut on his face, which was poorly stitched. Before Celestra had a chance to scream, Sir Richards put his hand over her mouth. He then gave her a quick hard blow to the head. Nearly instantly she lost consciousness. He grabbed her putting her over his shoulder. He took a quick look outside the tent. He smiled devilishly as he noticed no one was around on this end of the camp. He made his way to the nearest horse. He put Celestra over the front of the saddle as he got on.- Sir Richards: "You will pay indeed little princess." -Sir Richards then rode off further, deeper into the forest as he thought about what to do with the limp Princess Celestra.-.....
  2. *Welholme's Fort* -Celestra was in shock as King Gerand revealed to her that she was his daughter. During that moment of silence, Royal Knight Daniels entered the tent.- RK Daniels: "Sire, you told her?" -The king nodded. Celestra remained speechless.- King Gerand (to RK Daniels): "There is more to... to it." RK Daniels: "Sire please you must take it easy. You can talk later." King Gerand: "She needs to hear.. the rest of it. Celestra, somehow King Drake found out about what I did. I am not sure how, but he has. He found out long ago." -King Gerand coughed some more. RK Daniels tended to him as he continued.- King Gerand: "Luckily when he found out he didn't know who you were or what happened with you... or even if you were still alive. But to our dismay, NOW he knows who you are." -Celestra took a deep breath.- Celestra: "So this invasion, all this.... is because.... because of me? Do they mean to capture me? Kill me?" RK Daniels: "They mean to kill the king, the prince, and .... take over the kingdom." Celestra: "What do they plan to do with me if, they caught me......" King Gerand: "Likely once back in Kalgore, you would be forced to wed the Prince Rossler, who is just as mean spirited as his father. That is a life you do not des...." Celestra: "I need to do something!" -Celestra stood up as she grabbed her helmet.- RK Daniels: "Celestra, what are you doing?" Celestra: "All this is over me... They are here because of me, I need to do something about this." -Royal Knight Daniels blocked her way out of the tent.- RK Daniels: "You are only 13 years old. Barely a woman, you... you can't go out there. What do you expect to accomplish?" Celestra: "To end this! This is all because of what happened years ago because an agreement wasn't honored. If I just...." King Gerand: "Celestra my dear you mustn't, if they capture you then they win. You do not deserve the life that...." Celestra: "I am one person, our kingdom is many. To sacrifice the lives of so many just for only me, isn't right...." RK Daniels: "So you're just going to give up?" Celestra: "Not sure what I am going to do but one way or another I am going to find a way to end this.". -Celestra pushed past Royal Knight Daniels aside as she exited the huge tent.-.....
  3. *Welholme's Fort* -Celestra went with Royal Knight Daniels to the huge tent within the fort where the injured king himself was.- RK Daniels: "Celestra, be mindful he is badly injured. Do not stress him. Don't talk, just lis...." King Gerand (interrupting): "It's quite alright Sir Daniels. Please, leave us." -RK Daniels stepped out.- King Gerand (saddened): "I fear I have made a grave error that just cost me my kingdom and put you in danger." Celestra: "Sire, you have been good and generous to me throughout my life. You offered me more many times when I told you working in the kitchen was fine by me. You've.....done alot for me, for my father." King Gerand: "There's a reason for it. For all this..." -King Gerand motioned for Celestra to sit down in the small chair.- Celestra: "Just start from the beginning sire. Take your time. You need not stress yourself." King Gerand: "Years ago before you or Prince Frenco were born, a treaty , or well an agreement was made between myself and King Drake of Kalgore just after his son was born." -King Gerand clutched his side as he coughed.- Celestra: "Sire, take it easy. Anyway, what kind of treaty? For Peace?" King Gerand: "Sort of. It was so our kingdoms could maintain friendly relations." Celestra: "So Kalgore and Welholme weren't always at odds?" King Gerand: "That is correct. We wanted to keep it that way so a treaty was created. The agreement was King Drake's first born son and my first born daughter would wed once they both were at propper age. That would unite both kingdoms so the futures for both would be more promising." Celestra: "But, you.. don't have a daughter." King Gerand: "I.. I do have a daughter." Celestra (bewildered): "You... you do? Where is she?" -There was a brief silence then King Gerand continued.- King Gerand: "My late wife, god rest her soul, got pregnant shortly after the treaty was signed to agreement. While she was with child, several things came to light. I did not agree with how King Drake wanted to do things." -King Gerand paused a moment to cough as he grimaced in pain.- King Gerand (continuing): "When the day came and my wife gave birth, it was a baby girl. I felt happiness and joy, but at the same time great sadness. I couldn't help but imagine the type of life my daughter would have being betrothed to the son of that pig headed... King Drake." Celestra: "So what happened to her, your daughter?" King Gerand: "My advisor and most trusted friend Brethen and myself came up with a plan. He took my daughter to this wonderful couple I knew that worked in the castle. They have been wanting a child, but could not conceive. An annoucement was then made that the child died during birth. Please you must forgive me....." -The king coughed some more as it was becoming harder for him to breathe. But he continued on.- King Gerand: "Please... for-forgive me...Celestra." Celestra: "Forgive you for.. for what your majesty? Do you know where your daughter is? Do you want me to find her for..." King Gerand (interupting): "No need for she is... here." Celestra: "Here, at this fort? Would you like for me to make sure she is well guarded or help maintain her cover?" King Gerand: "She... is you.".....
  4. *Dellington, FL USA - Police Station* -Nick stepped out of the station to head to his police car when he heard a few rookies chatting it up, talking about him and his temper. He blew it off deciding they weren't worth it. He wasn't looking forward to the day much, as he had to put up with one of the most annoying rookies as his partner, til his (the rookie's) partner was off sick leave. The rookie was waiting for him by the car.- Officer Jack Hemmings: "What are we going to do today? Anything exiting?" -They both got into the police car.- *Dellington, FL USA - the streets* Officer Nick Provenz: "For now we patrol the area. Answer any calls that come in." Officer Hemmings: "Sounds boring." Officer Nick Provenz: "It's our job. Something can happen at any time. Tell me rookie, if police work is so boring why did you even take this job?" Officer Hemmings: "Because my father and his father and his father's father was a cop." Officer Nick Provenz: "Shouldn't do it unless you want it. Those who do not desire the job, often fail." Officer Hemmings: "I do want it. I do, but just didn't appreciate the pressure from my...." -Officer Hemmings stopped mid-sentence as he spotted a beautiful young woman rollerblading on the sidewalk in the neighborhood they were driving through. Nick noticed him staring at her. He recognized her as Miyana Lansing.- Officer Hemmings: "You know her?" Officer Nick Provenz: "Yes I do. Why?" Officer Hemmings: "She's so f'n hot. Think you could put in a good word for me?" -Officer Hemmings rolled down the window and gave whistle. As he did, Miyana looked back to see what the noise was. In the moment she turned around she was momentarily distracted. She fell backwards over a branch.- Officer Nick Provenz: "You idiot!" -Nick stopped the police car and got out. Miyana noticed him as he got out.- Officer Nick Provenz: "Sorry about my partner. Are you alright?" Miyana: "I'll be okay. I just need to clean my arm here off." -Nick noticed she skinned her arm quite good from her elbow to her wrist. He went to his squad car to get the first aid kit.- Officer Nick Provenz: "Really sorry about this. I have to put up with this idiot until his partner is off sick leave." Miyana (smiling): "It's quite alright Nick." -After Officer Nick Provenz finished tending to Miyana's arm, he helped her up.- Officer Nick Provenz: "I must insist you allow me to give you a ride home." Miyana: "Sure." -Officer Nick Provenz opened the back door of his police car for Miyana. She got in.- Officer Jack Hemmings: "Are you alright?" Miyana: "I'll be okay." Officer Jack Hemmings: "I'd like like to make it up to you by taking you to dinner sometime and..." Miyana (interrupting): "That's okay...No thanks." Officer Jack Hemmings: "Come on let me..." Officer Nick Provenz (interrupting): "She already said she was not interested. We've been on patrol for less than an hour and already you've caused trouble." *Miyana's Apartment building* -A few minutes later Officer Nick Provenz, Officer Jack Hemmings, and Miyana arrived at Miyana's apartment at the Crimson Arms Apartment Complex. Officer Nick Provenz got out of the police car and opened the car door for Miyana. He walked her to her front door.- Officer Nick Provenz: "Be sure to take it easy." Miyana: "I will rest for a little while then I got to get ready to go out tonight to see this marathon of Star Wars movies. Episodes 1-9." Officer Nick Provenz: "Bromwell Cineplex?" Miyana (nodding): "Yes actually." Officer Nick Provenz: "Perhaps I will see you there." Miyana: "I will look out for you. But in case I don't see you..." -Miyana took the pen out of Officer Nick Provenz's shirt pocket and a small piece of paper from her pocket. She wrote down her number.- Miyana: "I know we run into each other often enough, but in case we don't, here's my number." Officer Nick Provenz: "Thank you. Be sure to gently clean your arm and put a sterile clean bandage over it." Miyana (smiling): "I will. You be safe out there." -Officer Nick Provenz went back to his police car to an impatient rookie. But before dealing with him, he put Miyana's phone number into his phone. Officer Jack Hemmings noticed.- Officer Jack Hemmings: "How old are you?" Officer Nick Provenz: "43, why?" Officer Jack Hemmings: "I'm 23. Shouldn't I be the one asking for her number?" Officer Nick Provenz: "Not that it is your business, she offered. Now can we be adults and get back to work?" -Officer Jack Hemmings grumbled as he and Officer Nick Provenz went on their way.- *Miyana's apartment* -Shortly after she entered her apartment, there was a knock at that door. It was the apartment complex manager, Randy Delliger.- Randy Delliger: "Are you aware of our code of coduct policy?" Miyana: "Is there a problem Mr Delliger?" Randy Delliger: "Why was the police dropping you off?" Miyana: "Officer Provenz is a very good friend of mine. He was giving me a ride home." Randy Delliger: "Haven't you heard of Uber? We don't need the police around here. It's bad for business. Keep that in mind. This is your only warning." -He then left. Miyana closed the door. She headed straight to the bathroom to take a bath. As she filled the tub with warm water, she began to slowely unwrap the bandage on her arm as she stepped in the tub.-.....
  5. *Welholme Castle* -Celestra removed her helmet.- Advisor Brethen: "Celestra, I did not recognize you. Please you must get to safety. Before they find you." Celestra: "Not without you sir." Advisor Brethen: "I will soon be gone from this world. My injuries too great. Whatever happens you must make sure the Kalogore soldiers do not get a hold of you." -Before Celestra could ask anymore questions, she heard a number of footsteps heading her way. She put her helmet back on and drew her sword. From around the corner appeared Sir Jevon Richards along with 3 soldiers from the Kalgore Royal Army.- Sir Richards: "Puny little thing aren't you boy? I will take pleasure in this." Celestra: "Puny eh?" -Sir Jevon Richards rushed towards her with his sword. She parried his attacks quickly. He blocked several of her blows with his shield. THEN she managed to get in a strike. Her blade struck his face.- Celestra (shouting): "Feel the pain for yourself!" -Sir Richards clutched his hand to his face. At that moment she noticed Advisor Brethen had just passed away from his injuries. Although Celestra didn't want to leave him, she took this chance to make a run for it. She barely made it to the stables. She quickly saddled up a horse. Just as she got on the horse a few Kalgore soldiers made their way into the stables. She wasted no time in getting out of there heading towards the Siender Forest.- *Siender Forest - Just outside of Welholme* -Celestra had made it to the forest without a problem then suddenly a man in Kalgore royal clothes and 2 others stepped came out of nowhere. Celestra's horse was strartled; she was thrown. Her helmet came off landing 2 feet away.- Prince Rossler: "Well, seems as if we have a run away here....." -Prince Rossler stopped mid-sentence when he noticed a light symbol of a triangle on the back of Celestra's neck. He was at a complete loss of words. The symbol on the back of her neck was exactly like the one on the back of his. It was then he realized the female soldier that lay before him, was the other immortal like him. Celestra grabbed her helmet just as she quickly stood up. In the distance her name was called. Prince Rossler noticed too and she responded. She noticed the young man before her staring at her. She also noticed the blood on his sword. She didn't want to take any chances. She quickly put the helmet back on. She quickly began to run as fast as she could.- Prince Rossler: "AFTER HER!!!" RG Shalice: "Dead or alive sire?" Prince Rossler: "Shalice, make sure she is brought back alive. She is why we came here." RG Shalice: "Drover, come." -Royal Guards Drover and Shalice both gave chase to Celestra. Luckily she was ahead quite a bit. She happened to come upon the cave leading to the fort. She hid behind a rock to be safe in case the 2 guards after her came by. When she knew it was safe, she began to walk through to the other end. It took her 30 minutes, but she got through.- *Welholme's Fort* -The fort was of medium size surrounded by mountains. She breathed easy knowing she was safe. She was immediately greeted by one of the soldiers, Royal Knight Daniels. She removed her helmet holding it with her left arm.- Celestra: "Did the king make it alright?" RK Daniels: "Yes, but he is gravely wounded... Celestra, it's you! Please, right this way. The king has been asking for you. It is very urgent.".....
  6. *Drakemere - a small town just outside of Welholme Castle* -Prince Rossler laughed maniacly as he ordered the captain of his royal guards, Sir Jevon Richards, to burn down a few more homes to the east of town. After Sir Richards had fulfilled his duty, he trekked alongside Prince Rossler out of Drekemere and towards the Castle city of Welholme. Their army followed closely behind, leaving in their wake, a town in utter devastation.- Sir Richards: "Your majesty, I believe Welholme is up ahead." Prince Rossler: "Good, I noticed a few of the towns people escaped. That wasn't suppose to happen. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE PREPARED!" Sir Richards: "My apologies sire." -Sir Jevon Richards signaled General Haddox to ride ahead with a number of their troops- Prince Rossler: "Does Welholme, have any idea about what's about to happen?" Sir Richards: "Not a clue sire." Prince Rossler: "Good, then our hostile take over should go according to plan." *Welholme Castle - Kitchen* -Before Celestra could warn anyone about what was going on, one of the royal guards burst into the kitchen urging everyone to get to safety. Many were distressed, asking what was going on.- Mama Gurt (one of the kitchen staff): "What's going on here?! What's all that noise?" RG Halvert: "The city is under attack. You must get to safety at once!" -Screaming could be heard in the distance. Lots of noise, much chaos.- (voice in the distance being heard): "Kill anyone who doesn't cooperate!" -Celestra snuck out of the kitchen amidst all the chaos. Down the hallway she came upon 2 heavily armored men. Both gave chase. She quickly turned around and kept running as fast as she could. They were beginning to catch up to her so she went into the first open door she could find. By sheer luck, she ended up in the castle's armory.- *Welholme Castle Armory* -Celestra looked around for a weapon she could use, just in case she got into trouble. As she was looking she noticed some armor that just might fit her. It was a semi-descent set of chainmail. She quickly put it on along with the helmet she saw. She grabbed a shield and sword. She then exitted the armory.- *Welholme Castle* -Celestra could hear alot of commotion. People screaming. She could see people, ordinary citizens, being slaughtered. One of the Kalgore soldiers rushed her. Quickly, she parried his attacks and blocked with her shield. She ran him through with her blade.- (voice in the distance): "We must save the king!" -Celestra fought her way through several Kalgore soldiers that began pouring into the hallways of the castle. She came upon the king's personal assistant in the hallway, just before his chambers, gravely injured. All he saw was a soldier smaller than normal in some of the royal armor.- Celestra: "Where's his majesty?" Advisor Brethen: "He... he's making his way to the fort. it's bad.. very bad...." Celestra: "I can see that sir, I'll help defend the castle to the best of my ability." Advisor Brethen: "Get as many people to safety as possible. Above all, make sure you get.... miss Celestra to safety at all costs.".....
  7. *Welholme Castle - Celestra's room* -Celestra woke up to a gentle knock on the door. It was one of the maids in the castle, Ethna.- Ethna: "Celestra, wake up. Today is Prince Frenco's birthday. His father would like us to get an early start on his birthday celebration cuisine." Celestra: "Just give me 5 minutes to get dressed and presentable." Ethna: "Alright, I'll see you in the kitchen. Hurry along" -Celestra got out of bed and grabbed her clothes from on top of her tiny dresser. It was a good thing she anticipated King Gerand wanting the castle staff to get to an early start. The moment she was dressed she headed towards the kitchen.- *Welholme Castle - Kitchen Area* -Ethna greeted Celestra.- Ethna: "Come on, come on. We got to get started." -Celestra washed her hands then grabbed some fresh vegetables. She placed them in a huge pot. Elsewhere in the castle, King Gerand entered the training grounds just off the courtyard. He tapped Captain Helsterm on his shoulder.- King Gerand: "Captain Helsterm, I'm worried. Our courier hasn't returned with any news. It's been nearly a week." Capt. Helsterm: "He returned late last night sire. Didn't your advisor Rathin inform you?" King Gerand: "He neglected to do so. Anyway, what's the news from Mayor Quincy in Haldenburg?" Capt. Helsterm: "He suspects the Kingdom of Kalgore's King Drake is planning something." King Gerand: "I wouldn't doubt it Captain. Not long ago they decimated the kingdom of Telian and took control." Capt. Helsterm: "Mayor Quincy has sent some of the town's guards out to patrol the area for any unusual activity. A scout is suppose to report directly to myself later today." King Gerand: "Excellent. You'll report to me as soon as....." -Before the king could finish his sentence, 2 guardsmen came gallopping towards them upon their steeds.- Guardsman #1: "Captain Helsterm..... your majesty...." -Just as they approached, one of them fell off his horse. Captain Helsterm immediately knelt beside him as the other got off his horse.- Capt. Helsterm: "What happened to the two of you? Guardsman #1 (one who got off his horse, not fell): "We were ambushed. Rolan got shot by an arrow. We barely made it here." King Gerand (glaring at the injured guardsman): "Ambushed by who? AMBUSHED BY WHO????" Guardsman Rolan (getting weaker): "Kal... Kalgore.. soldiers from Kalgore. Dozens of them." King Gerand: "Where was this? When was this?" -The injured guardsman lost consciousness and died.- Guardsman #1 (breathing heavier): "In the past day sire....but.. but we haven't much time. Another.. day maybe." Capt. Helsterm: "Until what?" Guardsman #1: "They're here. An.... an entire army....lead by Kalgore's prince himself." King Gerand (looking at Capt. Helsterm): "Gather the royal guard and the rest of our army immediately for an emergency meeting." Capt. Helsterm (nodding to the king): "Right away your majesty." *Welholme Castle - Just outside the kitchen area by the well* -Celestra was carrying 2 big buckets of water from the well back to the kitchen when she heard a group of royal guards go by.- RG Keiger: "The rest of our army needs to be briefed right away." RG Smithin: "The situation is grave indeed. The Kalgore army could be here within hours." RG Keiger: "William, organize some of the guard together to get some of our citizens to...." -Royal Guard Keiger stopped mid-sentence when he heard screams and commotion in the far distance.-.....
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