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  1. Anyone who hasn't paid child support should not get a check and is a deadbeat.
  2. Why should anyone pay for a child without a paternity test first? If a man fails to do so, then he forfeits his right to whatever he's paid.
  3. I think I will start on a thorough cleaning so I won't have to when the world goes back to normal.
  4. until

    I have a reminder set on my calendar.
  5. Indeed she is. It's why I watched it. She played her role very well.
  6. I watched for Katie LeCleric. I have been a fan of hers since Switched at Birth.
  7. That child had a whole life ahead of him. An innocent life lost is always heart wrenching. The more people that listen to social distancing guidelines, the fewer situations like this we will have.
  8. That has to have taken much work to even come up with.
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