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  1. I would love for the final cut to be 2.5hours long.
  2. I know she'll like there's a season 2. She loves cats.
  3. I looked at everything, here and there, over the last 2 days. This WeAreInOur20s actively campaigning to have you and @Mandy Girl harassed, only makes it obvious that she is the problem. it is my opinion she is harassing and having you harassed because you're friends of @CaptainVG313and you both are sticking by her. That's upset this person. Hence why her dramatic same person claim. But as she is advocating for you and @Mandy Girl To be harassed, her wording suggests she knows you're all different people. That's a mistake many bullies make that make the dramatic same person claim. They often slip and show indication they know you're different people. WeAreInOur20s is getting others involved in harassing you and @Mandy Girl. She's likely hoping you'll both get so damn sick of it, you'll start to blame @CaptainVG313 and turn against her. WeAreInOur20s is working hard on accusing you 3 of the very things she and her buddies are guilty of; BlushOrchid, Erika_Kay10, Dash8117, freehopelogan, ariet_alp, TeamBeMyKatie, TeamAlexandria7. They're all trying to make you 3 out to be the villains, the instigators. They know they're guilty. They know what they're doing is wrong. They don't care. Instead of spending time defaming you, @Mandy Girl, and @CaptainVG313........... They should be doing something more productive. Their lives must be terrible for hurting others to lift them up.
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