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  1. I don't give a f**k how old someone is, a bully is a bully; kid or adult. They all deserve whatever they give.
  2. No offense, watching a dog sh*t is more entertaining than any of those games being offered.
  3. Yes. Full benefit. Plus One month paid vacation for when all of this is over.
  4. @Mandy Girl is the victim, This Twitter account thief is the bully. She is putting too much energy into trying to make it seem the other way around. She's making up these instances and saying people are bullying her! No one here has called her names or told her to kill herself. That photoshop she did, doesn't count. She acts like a blackhearted twit. Not name calling. This is commenting on her twisted sh*t a** behavior. She means nothing to me. I assume she means nothing and doesn't matter to anyone here. Who here cares about what she thinks about them or whatever? Nobody unless someone says different. This is in no way saying she is worthless or no good. This is saying she doesn't matter to anyone here. You know the people she all wished would die via Coronavirus. Why should what she thinks matter to them? She matters to someone, maybe I'm sure. Just not the people she's bullied. She gives the impression that she is very psychologically disturbed. She shows signs of bipolar disorder. I have a cousin with it and the behavior matches. She's also showing signs of being a sociopath. Her behavior shows it. She is whiny and gives the impression she craves attention and will do anything to get it. My advice to this girl would be to seek a psychologist and find out why she feels the need to persistantly play the part of the victim. She targets people, bullies them, and then tries to make it seem as if they're the damn f**king problem.
  5. She should put that energy into finding a psychologist.
  6. She did that to herself just to have something to whine about.
  7. Well sh*t. Let me see if I understand this. It's okay for her to photoshop and make it look as if someone is telling her to kill herself, but it is not okay for someone to tell the truth about her. What raised her?
  8. the Coronavirus was gone.
  9. If you ask me, she is too nice and that girl bullying her is nothing but a bully.
  10. Have you forgotten about the photoshop that girl did to make it look as if you told her to kill herself?
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