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Found 16 results

  1. Ryan Guzman slammed for saying he uses racial 'slurs all the time,’ his ‘9-1-1’ co-stars react: ‘No excuse’ What Ryan Guzman is saying is it is okay to use racial slurs as long as someone doesn't mean it to cut someone down. NO EXCUSE! For him to refer to upset over them as "butthurt" is beyond atrocious!
  2. Fox Renews 9-1-1 & Spinoff, Lone Star For New Seasons HECK YEAH! I love both shows and look forward to their next seasons.
  3. I think what Buck did for Red was above and beyond. The way Red was greeted when he was wheeled out of the hospital was one of the best scenes this season.
  4. Connie Britton Returns to 9-1-1 for Season 3 Finale This should shake some things up.
  5. If you were a firefighter at the 118, what would you say to Buck upon his return?
  6. Late on Sunday October 14, 2019, I was enjoying a friend ("PersonA") of mine's tweets regarding the show 9-1-1. There was a short period of time when she stopped tweeting. I assumed she was tending to her pet. I then notice someone ("PersonB") had sent her a rather nasty tweet regarding a tweet she made about a character ("CharacterA") upon the show. "PersonB" had referred to her as "r**a*ded" and she should have been aborted. I refreshed the screen after walking my dog. I noticed that the actor ("ActorA") of "CharacterA" had responded to "PersonB's" tweet regarding "PersonA's" tweet about "C
  7. Buck Is Punished With Halloween Candy Duty in 9-1-1 Sneak Peek
  8. Alice


    I finally had a chance to watch the season 3 premiere episode of 9-1-1. It appears that the frightening tsunami moment was saved for the very end. I hope that in all this mess that Buck survives.
  9. Stacey L

    Lawsuit Buck

    I am seriously not a Buck fan right now! He has health concerns that could be a liability and he wants to sue the city, FD, and Bobby!
  10. until
    Show: 9-1-1 Episode: Kids Today Network: FOX Be ready for the season 3 premiere of 9-1-1.
  11. Rob Lowe’s 9-1-1 Spin-Off Drama Gets Series Order at FOX Sounds very interesting. This is very good news.
  12. A New Disaster Hits Los Angeles in 9-1-1 Season 3 Teaser That trailer is heart pounding...Intense...
  13. Ronda Rousey Joins Fox’s 9-1-1 Season 3 in Recurring Role Season 3 just got better and it hasn't even aired yet.
  14. 9-1-1 Renewed for Season 3 EXCELLENT NEWS!
  15. Lady calls in to 911. She screams about a shark attack. 911 operator asks what beach she is at. She states she is on the freeway. My first reaction was "WTF!!!". I honestly couldn't help but laugh. This show does have quite the original 911 calls at times.
  16. The season 2 premiere of 9-1-1.
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