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Found 9 results

  1. Judge Denies Activision Blizzard's Request To Pause California Lawsuit They deny wrongdoing, but yet they've bragged they will work on a better work environment..... If they did nothing wrong, as they claim, why the need for workplace improvement? Do they realize how out there they sound?
  2. SEC subpoenas Bobby Kotick as part of federal investigation into Activision It's never pretty when the federal government gets involved with a company guilty of shady dealings.
  3. Activision Blizzard Settles U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission Lawsuit for $18 Million Translation: "We will work better to cover up harassment and keep it quiet. All as we make it appear like we care." Translation: "We will try harder to not get caught and work on how to pay people off a little better."
  4. Blizzard Reduces Titty In World Of Warcraft, But Not Sexism At The Company So the toning down of sexuality in World Of Warcraft is to make it "look like" Blizzard cares about the issues they're being sued for. This isn't a big surprise.
  5. Three Senior Blizzard Devs Reportedly No Longer With Company Amid Activision Blizzard Allegations 3 little pigs have left the building.
  6. Activision Blizzard exec Fran Townsend ‘deletes Twitter profile’ following inflammatory post about whistleblowing In simple terms, Fran Townsend handled things poorly, got called out on it, and is trying to escape some consequences. I honestly don't think this woman cares about the misdeeds going on at Blizzard. I think she is butthurt it's starting to come out into the open.
  7. Activision Blizzard Sexual Harassment Lawsuit! I'm not surprised by this. They allow players to get away with it. This would also kinda explain why. I think each employee engaged in sexual harassment should be fired!
  8. Blizzard Revenue Is Up Despite Losing Millions Of Monthly Active Users Let's see what could it be..... Layoffs. Which means less employees to pay. Raising prices perhaps?
  9. Yesterday I was in Anaheim, California with my mother and we decided to join the protesters at Blizzcon. Things were going well until some Blizzard employees walked by. We mostly got nasty looks. One Blizzard employee walking by us called me a "skeezy c**t" just loud enough for me to hear, but not others. Totes rude! I am 16! I look 14. I don't do drugs. I don't drink. I drive safely. I get good grades. I have a job. How am I a "skeezy c**t"? Why doesn't Blizzard Entertainment just move to China!
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