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Found 12 results

  1. Bullying and harassment happens in alot of games. Often times, bullying can ruin someone's experience in the game or the game itself for someone. It can even ruin a player's life if the bully goes far enough. What is your take on bullying in games? Thoughts?
  2. California students charged with manslaughter in beating of 13-year-old who later died, reports say I hope those pinks get 25+ years!
  3. Boy, 14, used as human bridge receives apology, support after video goes viral More people need to take a stand against bullies.
  4. Portland Antifa protesters caught on video bullying elderly motorist, woman in wheelchair Antifa is nothing but a violent group of people!
  5. Teen allegedly left suicidal by bullies speaks out Those who bullied this girl need to be held accountable.
  6. 9-year-old boy killed himself after being bullied just days after coming out I think those who bullied this child to the point of suicide should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. If they're adult enough to do the adult crime, then they are dang well adult enough to do the adult time. Bullies deserve no legal mercy.
  7. 6-year-old beaten up trying to protect friend from bullies I don't give a crap about the age of a bully. If someone bullies another and does that much damage to the point they need surgery... then the bully needs to be charged.
  8. Bullying and death threat sent local student to a mental hospital, lawsuit says So the school suspends the victim after he endures horrific bullying. But the bullies get away with it. I hope the parents of the bullied student go after Horry County Schools for as much as they can get. When the school is hurting for funds, maybe they will think twice about doing nothing about bullies.
  9. Restaurant faces backlash after shaming teen who paid bill with quarters That restaurant saying they didn't shame this young man, is totally false. Beer 88 should be very ashamed of themselves. They behaved like bullies.
  10. 'Teacher of the Year' Under Investigation After She's Recorded Allegedly Bullying 5-Year-Old Mild scolding for not doing work is normal for a teacher to do, but when the teacher called the child a "loser", she crossed a line.
  11. Houston Schools to Get New Tools to Report Bullying There should be something like this in place in not just in Houston, but everywhere.
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