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Found 15 results

  1. Late on Sunday October 14, 2019, I was enjoying a friend ("PersonA") of mine's tweets regarding the show 9-1-1. There was a short period of time when she stopped tweeting. I assumed she was tending to her pet. I then notice someone ("PersonB") had sent her a rather nasty tweet regarding a tweet she made about a character ("CharacterA") upon the show. "PersonB" had referred to her as "r**a*ded" and she should have been aborted. I refreshed the screen after walking my dog. I noticed that the actor ("ActorA") of "CharacterA" had responded to "PersonB's" tweet regarding "PersonA's" tweet about "CharacterA". "ActorA's" response was 3 laughing smilies. It sickened me that "ActorA" thought it was funny that "PersonB" called "PersonA" a r**a*d that should have been aborted. I was getting ready to report the converasation, but I end up with an error. Sure enough "PersonB" and "ActorA" deleted their tweets. So, evidence of this attack was completely gone. I thought, perhaps, maybe they both realize what they did and deleted because they knew they were wrong. I highly doubt "PersonA" even saw it. So I decided to let it go as I watched the Twitter pages for "ActorA" and "PersonB". A small bit later I noticed that "PersonB" quoted a tweet by "PersonA" while tagging "ActorA". "PersonB" was telling "ActorA" that "PersonA" was dissing him. "ActorA" responded in a way that gave the impression he thought "PersonB" was being funny. There is nothing funny about attacking another or trying to get someone attacked. "PersonB" came across strongly as he was hoping fans of "ActorA" and his character ("CharacterA") would attack "PersonB" over their opinion of a TV show character. In no way was "PersonA" attacking "ActorA". Had "ActorA" not put the laughing smiley after "Bit harsh". I would have assumed "ActorA" was defending "PersonA" to "PersonB". But here it impresses that "ActorA" thinks "PersonB" is funny". I had responded to the tweet by "ActorA". Almost immediately, he had deleted his tweet. At first I thought maybe "ActorA" realized how it came across. Then I remembered how he had deleted his laughing smilies to the horrible tweet "PersonB" sent "PersonA" earlier, in which he told "PersonA" she was r**a*ded and should have been aborted. Part of me wanted to bring that up, but part of me thought it was a bad idea considering both "PersonB" and "ActorA" deleted those tweets and erased evidence it ever took place. "PersonB" took it upon himself to approach me in an attacking manner. Had it not been for the first sentence, I would have simply responded to him informing him that regardless of intent, he came across a particular way. Behavior by "PersonB" after this tweet strongly indicates that he was feeding me a line of bullsh*t here. Part of me wanted to bring up the actual initial interaction I witnessed between him an "ActorA" "PersonB" took it upon himself to take to his Twitter page to complain about the matter in a way that implies he is attempting to play the victim card. One person's ("PersonD") response makes it clear as to why "PersonB" has selectively deleted some tweets and is attempting to make himself to be the victim. So that way others coming upon his plight, would be more likely to believe however he chooses to portray the matter. A few people ("PersonC", "PersonD", and "PersonE") took it upon themselves to coddle this rather childish behavior. "PersonA" thanked me for defending her. To which, "ActorA" had responded. My response was simple and asking that he understand that making light of an attack on another is never okay. Part of me had wanted to tell him off and point out that using laughing emojis with sarcasm to an attack on another is nowhere near an apology. But because he had deleted his tweet, that he had claimed was an apology, onlookers might take a brief look at the above and get the impression that "ActorA" is being targeted. I doubt this was his intent, but he does need to be careful how he comes across. With this tweet, and how it was worded, it indicates that "PersonB's" intent was to act as if I was "after" him in some manner. In the above tweet I had shown, I was merely making a point to "ActorA". I was not rambling on like a spoiled child. "PersonE", whom was one of those whom only saw what "PersonB" wanted them to see, decided to back up "PersonB" in his fabricated claim that what he said was not an attack. At first, I thought this was purely an innocent bystander chiming in based on purely what wasn't deleted by "ActorA" and "PersonB". Which made the matter look different. But what disturbs me is how she downplays "ActorA's" laughing at the attack on "PersonA". That "ActorA" making light of an attack on "PersonA" was rude and uncalled for. Hardly light hearted. I did not want to respond saying such and chalked it up to this person being a devoted fan of "ActorA's" "CharacterA" . Often times devoted fans have a hard time as seeing their idol as less than flawless. I thought I would leave "PersonF" to their thoughts. One of the reasons I am showing this tweet is due further communication from this individual after this. A few thoughts did pop into my mind. If "ActorA" was truly laughing at people's reactions to his charter's ("CharacterA") reaction, then why didn't he respond to "PersonA's" tweet directly? First she says "PersonB's" tweet was not an attack. But in speaking about "ActorA", she indirectly refers to "PersonB's" tweet as an attack. As I have previously stated, the way "ActorA" responded was very indicative of him praising "PersonB's" attack upon "PersonA". This one is coming across as one of those devoted fan types as I mention regarding the previous tweet. "PersonB" overdramatizing upon his Twitter timeline. Highly likely due to the drama he started and had stirred. Being he had used the hashtag for the show 9-1-1, perhaps he was hoping for a few onlookers upon his timeline and others to be on his side regarding the trouble he had stirred. This is the Twitter DM I had received from "PersonF". Apparently, and likely, due to lack of engagement with her borderline trolling, she took it upon herself to attack me. She uses the fact we differ in political beliefs to excuse the behavior of "PersonB" and "ActorA". I would hardly call "ActorA" making light of an attack by "PersonB" upon "PersonA" harmless engagement. At this point, I had decided to block this individual. I would have before, but I do not block over devoted fan behavior. Attacks, yes. I will admit that I did report "PersonB"on Twitter. The explanation I gave was "an attack upon an individual with the intent to cause further harm in hopes others would attack as well". I did not think Twitter would react so quickly. But I am glad that they had. Hopefully "PersonB" will cool off and stop targeting people whom are not fans of "CharacterA". Another person ("PersonG") approaches me and defends "PersonB" acting as if he did no wrong. Also, in defense of "ActorA" making light of an attack on "PersonA" by "PersonB".Always the tool of the troll is to call someone delusional and lie with a claim of arguing too much. Highly likely this person is a random fanboy of "CharacterA". A rather hyper one twisting the situation to make "ActorA" out to be some helpless victim. I am completely disgusted with "ActorA". Mostly because what he claims to have been an apology, was him making light of an attack by "PersonB" upon "PersonA". Also because he claims he was asking "that not to happen". In no way did he do so. If what he erased was what he said, why delete it? I have come to notice that when it comes to "CharacterA" a wide majority (not all, but alot) of his fans will attack those whom are not fans of "CharacterA", even if they are fans of "ActorA", whom plays "CharacterA". If I chose to post everything, or even half, of attacks on non-fans of "CharacterA", I would be writing this blog until Christmas. Why do the actors not do or say anything about their fans attacking non fans? By doing nothing and saying nothing, they are enabling this horrendous behavior and putting forth the image that they're okay with it. I am in no way saying any actor should confront a bully or a troll. What I am saying is a generalized statement stating something is not okay, can go a long way. Also by doing and saying nothing, the "rabid fans" continue to attack non-fans under the belief that the actor is okay with such behavior. And, in a way, this is a form of censorship which implies "If you do not like my character, I'll sit back and watch my fans attack you until you do.". -------------UPDATES------------- Update#1: 1:30am ET on 10/21/2019: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/82-toxicity-within-fanbases-9-1-1/?do=findComment&comment=685 Update#2: 7:48pm ET on 10/23/2019: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/82-toxicity-within-fanbases-9-1-1/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-699 Update#3: 9:38pm ET on 10/23/2019: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/82-toxicity-within-fanbases-9-1-1/?do=findComment&comment=700
  2. Tonight SA was enjoying a new episode of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit. She made a simple statement of what the episode is about. It centers on abortion. A 13 year old girl named Evangeline runs away from home to go to New York City to get an abortion because she was raped by her step father. BT1960 took it upon herself to attack SA over the simple statement of what the episode centered around. I took it upon myself to defend SA. I feel like I was justified. BT1960 replied to me claiming she doesn't judge anyone and says I shouldn't judge her. But what did she do to SA just over stating what an episode was about? She put herself in a position to be judged when she took it upon herself to attack without thinking. I flat out told her she lacked integrity if she didn't delete her tweet and apologize. I meant it and I stand by it. How BT1960 came at SA attacking her was uncalled for. Especially when SA was stating what a tv show episode centered around. If you look at the bio of BT1960, you will see it says "Football nerd/Catholic/ND Fan/Cubs Fan My own girl/Sarcastic Smartass/#MeToo/Sexual Assault Survivor and Advocate". She claims to be a sexual assault survivor, but attacks one online. All over SA stating what the Law and Order SVU episode was about. The very behavior of this woman puts her in a very bad position to be judged very poorly due to her own actions. She puts herself in a position to be judged 1) and asked if she really is a sexual assault victim/survivor and advocate. I am in no way saying she is not. I am just saying she puts herself in a position to be questioned if she really is because ----------A) she attacks another sexual assault survivor. ----------B) she blindly attacks SA telling her she has no right to comment in response to her (SA) tweet over what an episode of Law and Order SVU centered around. ----------C) shouldn't victim advocates exercise patience and not fly off the handle over something as simple as stating what a TV show episode is about? 2) she claims she doesn't judge anyone, but yet she harshly judged SA over stating what a TV show episode centered upon. 3) attacked SA out of the blue. 4) she tried to play herself off as a victim in this when she was clearly the aggressor. 5) as petty and childish. While I believe people have a right to block someone on social media, the reason BT1960 blocked me was because ----------A) she knew I was right about her behavior and wanted to try and avoid incriminating herself and/or ----------B) she knew she was wrong in how she approached SA and wanted to hide from it so she could play the victim in this and/or ----------C) she can't handle anyone simply calling out her bad behavior. If BT1960 attempts to say any of the above was altered /photoshopped or deletes the tweets and tries to act as if what she said never took place................I have proof that can't be denied. PROOF: http://archive.is/4Fkiw BT1960 behaved very poorly at the end of last night. Based on her actions and what she proclaims to be, I have every right to call her a hypocrite. She also behaved liked a bully. In closing I will say this, BT1960 needs to learn to look before she leaps and try to be more respectful to others.
  3. California girl, 10, commits suicide; police investigating whether bullying to blame I am sure bullying was to blame. Those who bullied this girl to death deserve to spend their lives in prison.
  4. California students charged with manslaughter in beating of 13-year-old who later died, reports say I hope those pinks get 25+ years!
  5. Alice

    Twisting the Tale

    Late on August 31, 2019, a longtime friend of mine, Mi***, was tweeting with some of her friends regarding one person's cat that is not doing well. If I recall, the issue with the cat, Si***, was something to do with the kidneys. Mi*** was saying that this meant that S**** couldn't have tuna. Then in a later tweet she mentioned "treats" in a general manner of speaking. Nowhere in M****'s tweet above did she even remotely suggest anything that could remotely harm a cat. Treats generally means a reward that the person or animal really likes or would. Then some rather random individual, "A****C**P*", chose to respond to her treats tweet in a rather crude manner. Tweet#1 As seen here, this individual chose to attack M**** by strongly implying she would intend to harm, and desire to cause harm, upon another individual's cat. This person also strongly implies M**** is very stupid. The way he worded it was very suggestive that he was hoping to embarrass and humiliate her. M**** never would wish harm upon another animal. TWEET#2 In this tweet, this individual attempts to cover up his attack upon M****. If this person looked at entire conversations, he would have seen that Miley was generalizing when talking about treats and she frequently suggests tuna as a treat for any cat. TWEET#3 M**** had every right to block this individual. Especially in how he had attacked her and implied she'd intentionally harm someone's cat. He counties to strongly imply that she is stupid. Also his butthurt over a block is apparently obvious. This tweet implies he is encouraging people to speak to him about the matter. I, and a few others, had chosen to defend M**** to this person. Not once did anyone harass, threaten, shame, or bully this individual. Defense tweet #1 Defense tweet #2 Defense tweet #3 Defense tweet #4 Defense tweet #5 Defense tweet #6 Defense tweet #7 Defense tweet #8 Defense tweet #9 Defense tweet #10 Defense tweet #11 Defense tweet #12 Defense tweet #13 Defense tweet #14 Defense tweet #15 My thoughts regarding the defense of M****. Not one person attacked him. Each of them expressed their opinion and thoughts. No one said anything degrading. I have come to notice that "A****C**P*" had chosen to protect his tweets. So I conducted a search of tweets to him. I found 4 tweets that gave strong indications that "A****C**P*" had been openly discussing the matter beyond what I, and others defending M****, had seen. Questionable tweet #1 Questionable tweet #2 Questionable tweet #3 Questionable tweet #4 My thoughts in regards to the questionable tweets are as follows. 1. It has become obvious to me that these 4 are comforting "A****C**P*". 2. Why would someone need comfort unless they spoke of something that struck their nerves? 3. There is talk of weirdos coming out. This implying that "A****C**P*" is saying something to indicate he is being attacked. 4. Talk of weird people on social media implies that someone on social media struck a nerve recently. 5. Talk implying he was attacked for being friendly. This makes me think of when he tried to make it appear as if he was being friendly to M****, when he clearly was not. My final thoughts. What happened, should not have happened. M**** had not done anything wrong. She merely suggested to "M***C***M*****" that she give S**** treats, which meant something he likes, that he can have. Anyone looking at the first picture within this blog should be able to see such. "A****C**P*" took it upon himself to respond to M****'s tweet in such a manner so as to suggest she was suggesting harmful things for S****. He attempted to cover up his depraved behavior by acting as if he was giving a friendly suggestion. What is friendly about taking what M**** said and making it appear as if she was suggesting something harmful, when it is clear she was not? In one of his tweets he gave strong indications he wanted attention for him regarding this matter when he said to DM him with questions. Why would he do that unless he planned to go on and on hoping to rally people to his side, all while playing the part of the victim? People defended M****. They had every right. M****'s good character was being attacked by "A****C**P*". Not one of them attacked him or defamed him. He was called out on his atrocious actions. In my opinion, the questionable tweets I had posted, were highly indicative that "A****C**P*" was complaining about the matter and attempting to play the victim card. Anyone who cannot see how wrong "A****C**P*" is needs to re-evaluate their morals and what kind of people they are that think what did did was okay.
  6. Boy, 14, used as human bridge receives apology, support after video goes viral More people need to take a stand against bullies.
  7. Portland Antifa protesters caught on video bullying elderly motorist, woman in wheelchair Antifa is nothing but a violent group of people!
  8. Teen allegedly left suicidal by bullies speaks out Those who bullied this girl need to be held accountable.
  9. 9-year-old boy killed himself after being bullied just days after coming out I think those who bullied this child to the point of suicide should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. If they're adult enough to do the adult crime, then they are dang well adult enough to do the adult time. Bullies deserve no legal mercy.
  10. 6-year-old beaten up trying to protect friend from bullies I don't give a crap about the age of a bully. If someone bullies another and does that much damage to the point they need surgery... then the bully needs to be charged.
  11. Bullying and death threat sent local student to a mental hospital, lawsuit says So the school suspends the victim after he endures horrific bullying. But the bullies get away with it. I hope the parents of the bullied student go after Horry County Schools for as much as they can get. When the school is hurting for funds, maybe they will think twice about doing nothing about bullies.
  12. Restaurant faces backlash after shaming teen who paid bill with quarters That restaurant saying they didn't shame this young man, is totally false. Beer 88 should be very ashamed of themselves. They behaved like bullies.
  13. 'Teacher of the Year' Under Investigation After She's Recorded Allegedly Bullying 5-Year-Old Mild scolding for not doing work is normal for a teacher to do, but when the teacher called the child a "loser", she crossed a line.
  14. Houston Schools to Get New Tools to Report Bullying There should be something like this in place in not just in Houston, but everywhere.
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