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Found 10 results

  1. 9-year-old Florida girl protects mom from suspected robber with barrage of punches: 'Right in the face' That's one brave little girl.
  2. Smiling alligator 'photobombs' Florida officer while trapped in sewer drain Florida.....It figures lol
  3. Florida reports lowest daily coronavirus cases per capita in nation Now, isn't this interesting. Strict mandates and the most COVID19 cases.
  4. In the past I have enjoyed many orders from this establishment. Especially their wings and how well they do their specialty pizzas. I enjoyed many of them around the time of Hurricane Irma. But lately I've noticed a bad change in their employees and customer service. Last night (10/1/2021) at 10:31pm I was checking my mail. I was only maybe 6 inches out in the street looking into my mail box. At 10:32pm, a white car (4 doors), sped by me. It had a Papa Johns topper on top of it. It almost hit me. It was driving too close to the curb. It seemed to speed up a little bit just before it mowed down some ducks. In the distance I thought I heard someone yell. I didn't think anything of it until this woman and her dog were walking by. The woman asked if I saw anything and mentioned the car almost hit her coming around the corner. I told her what happened thus far and I only heard her yelling very faintly. She told me she tried to call Papa Johns to make a complaint, but she was told "We don't have anyone here like that." and she was hung up on. She wished me a goodnight and continued walking her dog. When I went back inside I got my phone back from my older kitty (Little Puss), whom was sleeping on it, and called Papa Johns. I spoke to a female manager. She told me that they don't have any employees there that have a white car. She slammed the phone down. Now fast forward to today. In the middle of the afternoon I called Papa Johns again. I thought I might have better luck with another manager. I mean, what are the odds that two would try to protect that driver? Apparently GREAT. The call didn't go well. I was very polite, even when he was very rude. He told me that the things that go on top of the cars all have GPS trackers. The first time he mentioned it, his exact words were "There's GPS on all car toppers and my driver was not speeding last night.". Right away, but politely, I called him out on the fact that he made that determination after speaking with me for hardly a few minutes and not obviously having enough time to gather and verify that information. I asked why he would cover for him. I asked simply and plainly. He went on tiny rant saying how records "will be sure to show" that he wasn't speeding. He then repeated back my number and address, since caller ID automatically pulls it up since I have ordered before. He told me not to order anything anytime soon or I won't like what I get. Then he told me if I wanted to have a good day to drop it and not call again. His last words he said to me were, "Goodbye, you sound like a n**g*r.". He said it sort of low as if he was avoiding the risk of anyone hearing him. A friend of mine that I talked about this with has told me I shouldn't have called that Papa Johns, but should have just complained directly to corporate itself. The point made was now they have time to do what they can to cover their hides. That was the moment I thought back to what that manager said when I called today; "will be sure to show". Also I thought back to how quickly that manager seemed to make the judgement that driver was not speeding. Combine that with attitudes received. Heavy implication that things can and might be changed to feign innocence. I wouldn't doubt it since 2 managers at that establishment have shown they're not above covering up employee wrongdoings, if they can, and making veiled threats. This use to be such a great place to order from. The food is likely still as great as I remember, but it isn't worth dealing with their customer service when they are wrong and you are right. EDIT UPDATE#1: Received a message from "Director Of Operations" of the Jacksonville and Orange Park Papa Johns restaurants, "Nick Arturo", messages me to defend the actions of the driver mentioned in this blog while refusing to acknowledge the veiled threats and racist remark by the 2nd manager I spoke with. https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/225-review-papa-johns-on-wells-rd-blanding-blvd-in-orange-park-florida/?tab=comments#comment-2998 UPDATE#2: Ran into someone that knows "Nick Arturo" that apparently had a bad experience with him. I got the impression he's cause this woman much grief. https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/225-review-papa-johns-on-wells-rd-blanding-blvd-in-orange-park-florida/?do=findComment&comment=3027 UPDATE#3: Papa Johns "director of operations" for all Jacksonville and Orange Park FLORIDA area Papa Johns, Nick Arturo, posts a threatening post on the forums towards myself ( @CaptainVG313) https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/225-review-papa-johns-on-wells-rd-blanding-blvd-in-orange-park-florida/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-3030
  5. Florida State Troopers seen chasing elderly man riding scooter on Turnpike in viral video Florida Man at it again.
  6. Massive Amazon delivery leaves hundreds of boxes stacked as tall as the house: 'Only in Florida' Florida is....."special".
  7. Today I decided I'd try to give Hooters another chance since the last time I ate food from there, the experience wasn't good. So after I went to pick up my new glasses, I went to Hooters (after Books-A-Million). As soon as I stepped in, I saw this wonderful set up. I was seated in less than 30 seconds after I took the above picture. My server was a wonderful woman named Allicyn. In looking at the menu, I decided to make it a cheat day and enjoy myself. I ordered a few delicious items. For an appetizer I had "Buffalo Chicken Sliders". As 1 of my 2 meal items, I had "15 Roasted Wings with Samurai Teriyaki sauce". As my 2nd meal item, I had "Buffalo Chicken Tacos". As a side item, I has "Waffle Fries". I didn't eat all that food right there on the spot. I ate about 1/3 of it there and put the rest i boxes to take home. That which I am enjoying as I type this blog. The food was great. The experience was great. What made it even better was learning that the manager, Sal, that came on here to slander and lie about me.....was no longer the manager at that Hooters. I'll be honest. That made me feel alot better. It added to the experience.
  8. Florida teen charged as adult for rigging homecoming queen election with mother This is just so wrong! I hope they get a very harsh sentence to set an example.
  9. Today, just after my eye doctor appointment, I ventured on over to the "The HoneyBaked Ham Company" just to check them out. This pleasant woman named Pamela greeted me and answered all of my questions regarding Thanksgiving, sides, desserts, and the right ham treat for my cat. She pointed out a menu. As I took a look at the menu, I spotted something I would like. I figured if I was going to cheat on my keto diet, I would do so with a healthy and tasty item. When my sandwich was made, I sat down to enjoy it. It was delicious! It had the right amount of product and the taste was just heavenly.
  10. On March 15, 2021, I placed an order for Hooters food via Uber Eats just before 8pm. The Hooters location I ordered from is on Wells Rd in Orange Park, Florida. They're just 3.5 miles from me. (pic is public information via Google by searching "Hooters on Wells Rd in Orange Park Florida") (screenshot taken at 9:46pm ET on 3/19/2021) The Uber Eats app, as my memory serves, showed the Uber Eats driver at Hooters shortly after 8pm. He arrived just before 9pm and in time for me to unpack the food and watch America's Most Wanted with a friend of mine, @Alexa M, whom was passing through town on her way home. The Uber Eats driver was very nice. A polite and intelligent young man. As I unpacked the food, I noticed that Hooters had the smallest, and lightest, container at the bottom of one of the bags. I thought it was odd, but I thought as long as everything was there, all good. BUT, all was not good. In the container that was suppose to have the order of 24 buffalo shrimp, there was a bunch of plastic utensils. This was my entire order I was going to share with @Alexa M. The buffalo shrimp was the only thing that was missing. I called the restaurant and the man that answered said he's getting a manager. He hung up on me as he mumbled "b*tch" under his breath. I called back again and got told "Isn't our problem. Talk to Uber Eats". I got hung up on. Phone was slammed down. I used a pleasant tone and was polite both times, but I still got treated like garbage. I contacted Uber Eats. I even stated to them that I do not hold them or the driver responsible and I do not fault them and was merely contacting them so if I had to take the complaint further, it can't be said I didn't make contact to show an attempt at resolution. They told me the issue was with Hooters since they forgot my order of 24 buffalo shrimp. I agreed. I then filed a complaint via the Hooters website. I made sure to specify the Wells Rd location in Orange Park. My internet went out and I did not think the complaint got sent. So I called the Hooters customer service line. The gentleman I spoke with was very polite. He did tell me that that the complaint did go through. I left things at that and wished him a good evening. The next morning on Tuesday March 16, 2021..... I received some half baked speech in an email about how Uber Eats should be handling it. What's funny, as in messed up, is each side has put responsibility on the other. Effectively sending me in an endless loop. But if we're being honest here, I believe what Uber Eats told me to be correct. Hooters is responsible. In all of my communications with Hooters thus far, except for my one phone call to the customer service line, I've been given nothing but excuses. 1) "We take all complaints very seriously." 2) "We value you as a customer." 3) I will pass this along to management." 4) "We want to resolve this." Excuses window dressed as concern meant to shut someone up in hopes they won't keep pursuing the matter. I've corresponded with Hooters via email and Twitter DM. I've been polite, given the info they wanted. But just excuses with no real talk on what will be done to resolve this. As of this moment, Friday Evening March 19 2021, I have not heard back from Hooters in days. The man I was politely corresponding with hasn't responded. Neither has Hooters in Twitter DM. I remember saying, in the email correspondence and Twitter DM correspondence that all I wanted was "what I paid for. no more no less". That means that I just want my 24 buffalo shrimp. Some places offer something extra "for the inconvenience". I do NOT want that. Nothing extra for my inconvenience. Just what I paid for. Also while getting a freebie for the inconvenience can be nice, it can create issues down the line and can cause suspicion and wonder if the complaint is legit. Wanting only what one pays for, helps more in building trust and fostering good business relations. Most people will demand more than what they paid for to make up for an incident like this or worse. Most will be nasty and difficult. I've been nice, polite, and only asked for what I paid for. Yet no effort to even help that happen. Hooters has actively tried to avoid making this right and has tried to place sole responsibility on Uber Eats. NONE OF THIS IS THE FAULT OF UBER EATS. I understand tough times and many places are struggling, but that is no excuse to cheat someone out of what they paid for. The excuses I've been given, the fact that the SMALLEST and LIGHTEST container was at THE BOTTOM of one of the bags, AND the fact that it was jam packed with plastic utensils.....implies to me that the cheating was intentional and they want to shut me up and "sweep this under the rug". By actively trying to avoid making this right..... The "Orange Park Florida Hooters on Wells Rd" STOLE from me.
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