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Found 2 results

  1. In the past I have enjoyed many orders from this establishment. Especially their wings and how well they do their specialty pizzas. I enjoyed many of them around the time of Hurricane Irma. But lately I've noticed a bad change in their employees and customer service. Last night (10/1/2021) at 10:31pm I was checking my mail. I was only maybe 6 inches out in the street looking into my mail box. At 10:32pm, a white car (4 doors), sped by me. It had a Papa Johns topper on top of it. It almost hit me. It was driving too close to the curb. It seemed to speed up a little bit just before it mowed down some ducks. In the distance I thought I heard someone yell. I didn't think anything of it until this woman and her dog were walking by. The woman asked if I saw anything and mentioned the car almost hit her coming around the corner. I told her what happened thus far and I only heard her yelling very faintly. She told me she tried to call Papa Johns to make a complaint, but she was told "We don't have anyone here like that." and she was hung up on. She wished me a goodnight and continued walking her dog. When I went back inside I got my phone back from my older kitty (Little Puss), whom was sleeping on it, and called Papa Johns. I spoke to a female manager. She told me that they don't have any employees there that have a white car. She slammed the phone down. Now fast forward to today. In the middle of the afternoon I called Papa Johns again. I thought I might have better luck with another manager. I mean, what are the odds that two would try to protect that driver? Apparently GREAT. The call didn't go well. I was very polite, even when he was very rude. He told me that the things that go on top of the cars all have GPS trackers. The first time he mentioned it, his exact words were "There's GPS on all car toppers and my driver was not speeding last night.". Right away, but politely, I called him out on the fact that he made that determination after speaking with me for hardly a few minutes and not obviously having enough time to gather and verify that information. I asked why he would cover for him. I asked simply and plainly. He went on tiny rant saying how records "will be sure to show" that he wasn't speeding. He then repeated back my number and address, since caller ID automatically pulls it up since I have ordered before. He told me not to order anything anytime soon or I won't like what I get. Then he told me if I wanted to have a good day to drop it and not call again. His last words he said to me were, "Goodbye, you sound like a n**g*r.". He said it sort of low as if he was avoiding the risk of anyone hearing him. A friend of mine that I talked about this with has told me I shouldn't have called that Papa Johns, but should have just complained directly to corporate itself. The point made was now they have time to do what they can to cover their hides. That was the moment I thought back to what that manager said when I called today; "will be sure to show". Also I thought back to how quickly that manager seemed to make the judgement that driver was not speeding. Combine that with attitudes received. Heavy implication that things can and might be changed to feign innocence. I wouldn't doubt it since 2 managers at that establishment have shown they're not above covering up employee wrongdoings, if they can, and making veiled threats. This use to be such a great place to order from. The food is likely still as great as I remember, but it isn't worth dealing with their customer service when they are wrong and you are right. EDIT UPDATE#1: Received a message from "Director Of Operations" of the Jacksonville and Orange Park Papa Johns restaurants, "Nick Arturo", messages me to defend the actions of the driver mentioned in this blog while refusing to acknowledge the veiled threats and racist remark by the 2nd manager I spoke with. https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/225-review-papa-johns-on-wells-rd-blanding-blvd-in-orange-park-florida/?tab=comments#comment-2998 UPDATE#2: Ran into someone that knows "Nick Arturo" that apparently had a bad experience with him. I got the impression he's cause this woman much grief. https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/225-review-papa-johns-on-wells-rd-blanding-blvd-in-orange-park-florida/?do=findComment&comment=3027 UPDATE#3: Papa Johns "director of operations" for all Jacksonville and Orange Park FLORIDA area Papa Johns, Nick Arturo, posts a threatening post on the forums towards myself ( @CaptainVG313) https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/225-review-papa-johns-on-wells-rd-blanding-blvd-in-orange-park-florida/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-3030
  2. Over the course of the last 5 years, I have frequently noticed the selling of EXPIRED PRODUCTS at the Winn Dixie Store #176. I've taken pictures and have discreetly brought it to the attention of management. All while having the faith that it would be taken care of. I avoided posting anything (proof) online before because I was trying to give that Winn Dixie a fair chance to do better. It wouldn't be right to just post that proof without atleast trying. I tried alot over the past few years to discreetly bring it to management and employee attention despite multiple times still seeing expired products being sold there. Only recently I decided to be public about Winn Dixie Store#176 selling expired products. The first time was in LATE February this year in a tweet. (ARCHIVED HERE: https://archive.is/VPGrg) Winn Dixie's response..... (ARCHIVED HERE: https://archive.is/Jlaeb) A friend of mine replied to them basically telling them that she took me there to do so already, only for me and her to be told to leave despite us both being polite and waiting. This was my reply to her just before she wiped her Twitter timeline for a fresh start. (ARCHIVED HERE: https://archive.is/lip12) For AWHILE I avoid Winn Dixie Store#176. But when I go back there on May 22, 2021..... (ARCHIVED HERE: https://archive.is/lxCac) I filed a complaint. The phone number in the email response to my complaint is not a personal one. As proof of this, here's the Google listing for Winn Dixie Store#176. This is the email response I got to my complaint. (ARCHIVED HERE: https://archive.is/jHugY) I see a few things wrong with it. 1) "But Winn-Dixie does not let anyone take picture in store or on property unless approved by corporate". So according to this little gem, if you want to take a selfie by your cool new car in their parking lot or of you wearing your face mask..... you're not allowed. That's odd because I've noticed people take pictures in Winn Dixie many times before. I've seen teens with their parents take selfies. I've seen a parent take pictures of 2 different stakes only to text her husband and ask which he would like for them and the kids. I saw a woman take a picture of thong pads (Always brand) and laugh about it. I've seen some people take pictures of what is in their carts to show they got stuff to stick to their diet. 2) The very tone of this email suggests we've carried on some lengthy conversation, like there's alot more to it than just responding to my complaint. 3) While my grammar and punctuation is off at times and not perfect, shouldn't a manager contacting a customer regarding a matter atleast try a bit better than a huge run on sentence? 4) "And I promise they will be addressed". I highly doubt that. I been trying for years only to be dismissed. When I've called and been polite, I've been put on hold for long periods of time and forgotten about. When I tried to speak to someone at the store, I been made to wait for so long or just told to leave. All this despite me being polite. 5) In my complaint that he is responding to, I stated I was female. Yet he calls me sir in the response. I've been fed many lines over the years in which I'm told they will do better, it don't happen again, and they'll work hard to improve. How is it I've been very polite. I've been more than patient. I haven't been nasty or difficult. I haven't demanded or asked for freebies of any kind. Freebies and gift cards say nothing about resolution to the problem. The problem here being that Winn Dixie Store#176 often sells expired products.
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