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Found 3 results

  1. Red T

    Actors in common

    Name a movie, tv show, or video game with an actor in common with what the poster above has posted. For example Legend Of Prince Valiant Beauty and the Beast Murder She Wrote I will start us off: Saved By The Bell
  2. After a member, Alex Danvers, made a suggestion for the "Theatrical Releases (movies)" area, I decided to do the same for the other areas. It makes things look a bit more organized. A few little things for each section in "New Movie Discussions". Upcoming Theatrical Releases- Movies within 1 month of released are pinned. When within 1 day of release, they get moved to "Current Theatrical Releases". Current Theatrical Releases- Movies stay in here up until they are out of theatres. For the other areas... 1) Movies being released within a week are pinned in the "Upcoming" sections. 2) Movies stay in "Upcoming *" until 1 day prior to release. 3) Movies in "Current" sections stay there until one month after release unless they are the only one there. If the only one there, it stays until the next movie for that network is released. 4) New movies moved from Upcoming to Current area are pinned for 1 week after release for all areas except the Theatrical section, in which case it is 2 weeks.