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Found 13 results

  1. Texas pet owner is devastated after vet accidentally EUTHANIZES her eight-year-old cat instead of giving it a rabies vaccine This is absurd!! How can a vet do something like this!! This is inexcusable and they need to be sued.
  2. Five killed, including shooter, around 21 injured in Texas shooting: police, media 4 killed. Shooter's life doesn't matter.
  3. The lives lost in El Paso All of these victims had so much in their lives. Life rich in family, friends, and things going on. It is tragic their lives were cut so short.
  4. Multiple people have been killed in a shooting in El Paso, Texas, police say Multiple fatalities and no number mentioned... I'm afraid to ask...
  5. 'Lufkin Licker' faces up to 20 years in prison as ice cream stunt video goes viral I hope the Lufkin Licker sees that article.
  6. Death-row inmate's last words before execution for killing estranged wife's family: 'That'll be five dollars' It took 30 years to make the execution happen?
  7. Texas corrections officer accused of having sex with multiple inmates With an incident such as this, I have to wonder if, perhaps, a more thorough background check and psychological evaluation should be done on future hires.
  8. Waiter made up story about 'racist' tipper: restaurant This just burns me up. Racism is sickening. Those who lie about it are just as sickening. I hope that Khalil is ashamed of himself and thinks twice before falsely accusing someone of racism. Original story here: Texas server says patron called him 'terrorist' on receipt, left no tip: 'This hatred still exists'
  9. Texas woman who tried to sell her daughter, 2, for sex sentenced to 40 years 40 years is not enough. Anyone who would pimp out a 2 year old child should not be allowed the light of day until they are old, grey, and on their death bed.
  10. Texas couple delivers baby in Chick-fil-A bathroom Good that this story has a happy ending and all.
  11. Texas server says patron called him 'terrorist' on receipt, left no tip: 'This hatred still exists' Good work. People like that should be banned from places where they harass people like that.
  12. Texas woman accused of biting off chunk of woman's nose, swallowing it A GoFundMe page was set up for the woman that was attacked. https://www.gofundme.com/assault-victim-needs-srugery
  13. Texas mom, concert pianist's wife, found not guilty of smothering daughters by reason of insanity So a woman murders her kids and when she is deemed "okay" she gets to be free. How is that justice?
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