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Found 3 results

  1. Dems fume over Trump plans to address public from Lincoln Memorial on July 4 The Dems's problem is with President Trump. Why did they not complain when disaster movies obliterated the Lincoln Memorial? Why did they not complain when others have done worse?
  2. Trump pardons former Army Ranger convicted of killing Iraqi prisoner Should he have done more time or has he done enough?
  3. Chris Evans says he ‘might have to cut ties’ with Tom Brady: ‘I really hope he’s not a Trump supporter’ This right here makes me lose respect for Chris Evans. Choosing to not like someone if they support someone they don't like is silly. I can respect someone's views, but Chris Evans can make his point without referring to another so vulgarly. This makes me wonder if he supports Trump or is trying to escape backlash while quietly supporting him. Wow...Tom Brady supports kneeling during the national anthem...I hope I am misunderstanding.
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