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Der Wille Zur Macht

Golden Force Universe: The Rise of Lotz

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(The following story takes place after the events of the Rise of Skywalker)

*Throughout 2018 and most of 2019, the world has been on edge due to the rising threat of Damien Dahrk's organization, H.I.V.E. and Vayne Solidor's Archadian Empire. This has kept the heroes of the world busy with skirmishes and so forth. Some developments include: the rescuing of the Golden Force founders from the clutches of Archadia's main spy in the US government, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Golden Force East managed to pull this off in spectacular fashion and sent a message to Damien and Vayne that their history was not to be messed with. As for GF's East, boss, Caity Lotz, she helped out the ninjas of New Konoha by tracking down the Nine Tailed beasts of Japan and convinced them that they were not under threat by the Akatsuki or anyone else. Then she headed off to planet Arus with the help of Thunder Force to warn me of the H.I.V.E/Archadia threat on Earth. Caity wanted to recruit me to the cause of stopping them before their apocalyptic plan of slamming the Earth with an asteroid could move forward. Unfortunately for Caity, I had to decline her invitation at the time due to my responsibilities with the Vehicle Voltron Force. Still, she was not discouraged. She told me she would find a way to get me in the fight.*

*Two new Power Ranger teams had been formed around this time. One of them, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, had formed in the European nation of Vesperia with the help of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. This was done to stop Archadian commander Sylvia Tilly from claiming the Beast Morpher powers for herself. The other team, Power Rangers Soul Calibur, established themselves in Athens, Greece, in order to fend off the H.I.V.E attacks there. Also, the Paladins of Zeo aka Power Rangers Zeo, now lead by Jacqueline Scislowski, continued to battle the forces of Colonel Hakeev, since their grudge against him was very personal. He had taken out their previous boss, Melissa Benoist, in a heated battle in Seattle. The Falcon Club had several more encounters with Fernando Pizarro, Zamasu and Caity Lotz Black. Fortunately, the Falcons knew what to do against them after their first encounter in Philadelphia. As for the heroes of Mariner Bay, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, change came to them after their fight with another Archadian agent, Judge Zargabaath. Ryan Mitchell was severely injured in their last fight with the Judge and as a result, he had to be replaced as the Platinum Ranger. The good news was that Jes Macallan and Matsuri Tatsumi, the new people in charge of the Lightspeed Aquabase, had decided to bring in an Irish lasskicker to take his place. They had made Becky Lynch their new Platinum Ranger and with her help, the team beat back Judge Zargabaath. Then there's Golden Force West, who had a rat in their midst. Brie Larson was initally recruited by Ciara to bolster her team's forces. But when Katherine Mcnamara and Phase Four, two new players to the game, arrived on the scene, they had warned not to trust Brie because of her suspected ties to Archadia. And they were correct, because a month after Brie was recruited, she had double crossed Golden Force West in a rematch with Andrew Cortes, especially after he had liberated Emily Hart and the other Golden Force West traitor, Setzer Gabbianni, out of prison. The upside: in addition to adding Katherine Mcnamara and Phase Four to the team, GF West also added Kiernan Shipka to the squad, once Ciara and co. figured out that she was the reincarnation of the late MJH, thanks to the White Lantern ring.*

*On Golden Force's 30th anniversary, June 28, 2018, I had formally married Ciara in a ceremony where all four Golden Force branches(East, West, GX and Enforcers) were invited to attend. It was the happiest moment of my life as it was my third time walking down the aisle. Of course, Caity couldn't resist reminding me that thanks to this wedding, I now had no choice but to help the team with the H.I.V.E./Archadia problem. She had me in a catch-22 of sorts. Still, I was willing to do it if it meant protecting my new wife. A year and a half after that, yours truly, Ciara and Caity once again were transported to the Star Wars galaxy, where what we experienced marked the end of an era for me. (For the reason why I said this, go watch a certain movie.) But what came out of this was Caity formally welcoming Rey Skywalker into Golden Force East. We had brought the newest Jedi with us back to Earth. And seeing as I was the only other surviving Jedi around, and Caity was my Padawan learner, I had ranked up Caity to the rank of Jedi following the fall of the resurrected Emperor and the Final Order. Needless to say, where all of us go from there was anyone's guess.*

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*December, 2019, Condor Island*

*In a rare move, the members of Golden Force West and East were hanging together on the east coast team's North Atlantic island, and for the most part, they were relaxing. But inside Caity's office in one of the main buildings of the island, five people were having a serious conversation. It was yours truly, Caity, Ciara, Annosophia and Gracie. We were discussing strategy, as well as other stuff.*

Dark Raider Alpha: So, let's see, girls. Han's dead, Luke is dead, and now Leia is dead. I'm pretty much done with that galaxy far, far away now. 

Caity: I don't blame you. The galaxy my new teammate Rey is from has influenced your life for over 40 years. Sooner or later, that had to stop. 

Ciara: Yeah. Besides, we still have big problems down here to deal with. Mainly H.I.V.E. and Archadia. 

Gracie: So let's go over the major players of the force trying to destroy this planet. 

Caity: All right. We start with H.I.V.E first. Reports from President Cameron-Bure say that Damien has just about finished prepping up the gravity tractors he had stolen from England. He just needs to locate the asteroid necessary to execute his genocidal plan. 

Dark Raider Alpha: Chicxulub 2.0, huh? 

Caity: Exactly. What makes things worse is that it is believed that Archadia has moved the enemy's base to someplace larger and more secure than their previous one, and the folks in the CIA and FBI are still trying to locate it. 

Annasophia: What I find funny here is that we have an army of allies, and yet we need outside agencies to sniff out a bad guy. 

Caity: I share your frustration. But as you know, our organization, in particular, is not known for subtlety, and for Archadia and H.I.V.E to be found, that's exactly what's needed here. 

Ciara: Agreed. 

Caity: As far as Damien's henchman go, namely Gaspard and the other Kimberly Hart, they've been causing trouble for a number of our friends over the last several months, the latest of which include the Space and Galaxy Rangers. 

Gracie: Those two teams are probably getting sick of Gaspard and the older Kimberly by now. 

Caity: This brings us to our friends in Archadia, and they are the bigger of the two threats here. Vayne is a master schemer, and is still willing to go along with Damien's plans if it means he gets to control things afterwards. That's the clue I got from my friend Tala. 

Annasophia: The one who's still in possession of Tau's jar? 

Caity: The same. She's our scout, and her job is to warn us of any imminent danger coming from the enemy. 

Ciara: I have no problem with that. 

Caity: Moving on, we have Judge Zargabaath, the fool who gave Lightspeed Rescue trouble and put one of their members out of action. He's still at large. 

Ciara: Since my team is pretty much next door to Carter Grayson's, geographically speaking, I could have my team and Dino Thunder check up on them from time to time.

Caity: That's a smart idea, considering what your teams went through with Brie Larson. 

Dark Raider Alpha: Uh, oh. Here we go. 

Ciara: Oh, don't worry, hubby. I'll say what I need to say after Caity explains this part. 

Caity: Anyway, Zargabaath is not to be underestimated. Since he likes hanging around the state of California, all the teams based in that state should keep an eye out. 

Annasophia: Right. 

Caity: As for the traitorous Brie Larson, Golden Force West found out the hard way how powerful she is. She is a cosmic powerhouse, and under the employ of Vayne, she could prove to be a serious problem. 

Ciara: Not to mention she's trying to be a homewrecker. 

Gracie: A homewrecker?

Ciara: Yep. I kinda let it slip to her I was marrying Dark Raider Alpha, so after she had betrayed my team, she promised to present him with a "better option", whatever that means. 

*I rolled my eyes.*

Caity: Too bad for her that you two hitched back in June, therefore, her scheming has failed. 

Dark Raider Alpha: Damn right. 

Caity: Next on the agenda is the rat known as Colonel Hakeev, the guy who sent Melissa Benoist packing, and caused Power Rangers Zeo to take in Jacqueline Scislowski as their current boss. The two sides have repeatedly classed over the course of six months.

Dark Raider Alpha: Well, since that team calls themselves the Paladins of Zeo when they're not morphed, I do believe they may have that part of the Archadia situation handled. 

Gracie: I hope you're right. I miss having Melissa around. 

Caity: Then we come to the group lead by Andrew Cortes, another known foe of Ciara's two teams. This includes Emily Hart, Setzer and that character Drayvon. 

Ciara: Oh, how I hate those clowns so much. 

Caity: Well, these days, they have focused their attention of pestering the Mayas and Olmec in attempt to claim the two nearby cities of gold. 

Dark Raider Alpha: Fat chance Myena and Weinacocha's people are going down without a fight.They are our staunchest allies in that region. 

Ciara: My Dino Thunder teammate, Christina, would wholeheartedly agree with you. 

Caity: Well, seeing as what you and Dark Raider Alpha told me about the power contained in the cities of gold, it is crucial that Andrew and his bunch do not claim that power and hand it over to Vayne and Damien. If they do, we are all screwed. 

Annasophia: Got that right. 

Caity: And don't think I haven't forgotten about Fernando Pizarro, Zamasu and that alternate reality version of me, Caity Lotz Black. Chellsie's people seem to be keeping them in check. 

Gracie: Thank god for that. I remember our first encounter with them. Caity Black gave me the creeps when I first saw her. It was like looking into a funhouse mirror. 

Dark Raider Alpha: Yeah, and nobody's laughing. 

Caity: Finally, there's the situation in Europe. Remember when Archadian commander Sylvia Tilly tried to claim the Beast Morpher powers for herself? 

Ciara: Yep. Too bad her scheme failed and thanks to our friends in Ninja Steel, a new Power Rangers team was born. 

Caity: One of two, actually, because H.I.V.E has shown great interest in bugging Cassandra Alexandra's Soul Calibur team. 

Annasophia: Cassandra is a powerful person, much like you. That means she and her team should be able to keep H.I.V.E. under control in Athens. 

Dark Raider Alpha: I think that about covers all the players we know about.

Caity: As far as I know, yeah. 

Dark Raider Alpha: As for myself, my Vehicle Voltron Force is undergoing a reorganization of sorts. We are looking for new recruits for our Sea team, since our Air and Land teams are as solid as ever. 

Caity: Cool. Just remember, you pledged to help us and most especially your wife, down here more. 

Dark Raider Alpha: Yeah, yeah. I remember how you twisted my arm about that. Not literally, of course. 

*Ciara smiled and said,*

Ciara: One more thing, you two. Now that you're both Jedi, how are you going to apply that to our current situation. 

Dark Raider Alpha: Well, babe, I think we can work something out. After all, the legacy of the team I helped to found over 30 years ago is still in Caity's hands. 

Caity: Thanks. I appreciate the vote of confidence. 

Annasophia: Now then, let's see how everyone else is doing. 

*Everyone agreed.*

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*As we left Caity's office, I said,*

Dark Raider Alpha: Oh, wait a minute, Caity. You forgot to mention somebody. 

Caity: Who? 

Dark Raider Alpha: The detestable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the one who had my fellow Golden Force founders kidnapped. If it hadn't been for your team, they would have been done for. 

Caity: Oh, yeah. Thanks for reminding me. I had called up Esteban and co. and told them that if we ever encountered Alexandria again, I would let them know about it. 

Annasophia: Please do. That witch will pay for having my parents kidnapped. 

Ciara: We have so many players on the field to deal with now. This may be worse than the Blizzard build up. 

Caity: That's because it is. The stakes are much higher now. If we fail to stop Damien and Vayne, our world could literally end. 

Dark Raider Alpha: Like we're ever going to let that happen. Yeah, right. 

*Meanwhile, at H.I.V.E. and Archadia's new base somewhere in the world, Damien Dahrk and Vayne Solidor were awaiting the arrival of two special guests.*

Damien: Okay, Vayne. You got me. Who are waiting for? 

Vayne: Representatives of the Magitek Empire, Bischoff and Skeletox. 

Damien: Oh, ha, ha. Those losers? 

Vayne: May I ask what is so funny? 

Damien: I don't think you've noticed, but their empire is a laughing joke. First, they were allies of the old Blizzard Empire, which was soundly defeated by the heroes of this world several years ago. Second, word has gotten out about their botched attempt to control the leader of Golden Force West, Ciara Hanna, aka Dark Raider Alpha's wife. 

Vayne: That's why this meeting with them is so important. They wish to refocus themselves on helping us neutralize the other Golden Force leader. The one you hate so much. 

Damien: Caity. 

Vayne: Yes. As you know, she presents the number one threat to our scheme to remake the world. So any help we can get in nailing her would be appreciated. 

*Then, Bischoff and Skeletox arrived with an escort of Magitek soldiers.*

Bischoff: Vayne Solidor. It's a pleasure to meet with you. 

Skeletox: Definitely. 

Damien: This should be good. 

Vayne: *to Damien* Let me handle this, Damien. *to Bischoff and Skeletox* Gentlemen, when you first contacted us, you asked to join in our efforts in taking out the infamous Caity Lotz, the overall leader of Golden Force and the direct leader of Golden Force East. What can you offer that would aid us in our goals? 

Bischoff: Well, we learned big time from our mistakes with Ciara Hanna. Controlling the enemy leaders is no longer in the cards here. Destroying them outright is the overall goal. I have an army waiting in my dimension that is waiting to supplement yours. 

Skeletox: Not only that, I have something to show you. *takes out a vial of a certain potion.*

Damien: Is that what I think it is? 

Skeletox: Yep. The zombie potion I used to help do away with Golden Force West's Summer Landsdown. I realized if it worked fantastically on Summer, it should do the same when applied to Caity. And judging from the stories I heard about Ms. Lotz, death would suit her. 

Vayne: You realize that attempting to zombify Caity is not going to be anywhere near as easy as you did with Landsdown. At least with Summer, you had an entire war as a backdrop. 

Damien: That is correct. And Golden Force East is miles ahead of their west coast counterparts in terms of fighting abilities. If your scheming is going to succeed. You'll have to consider your approach carefully. 

Skeletox: Oh, we are. We just need Caity's allies distracted while we deliver death to that salute to heroism. 

Vayne: Hmmm... you may just get your wish. 

Bischoff: How so? 

Vayne: It just so happens I have one of my agents, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez out on assignment. She is in the process of hunting down and eliminating a group of outlaws that even Dark Raider Alpha can't stomach. 

Skeletox: Who? 

Vayne: This group of outlaws was once known as Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, until their relationship to the Azerothian dragon known as Deathwing was exposed. When Dark Raider Alpha learned of this connection to the dragon that once injured his current wife, he had them outlawed. 

Bischoff: I'm thinking that if we help Alexandria eliminate these outlaws, Golden Force East will come and save them. 

Vayne: Which will present the two of you the opportunity to give Caity the gift of death. 

Skeletox: I like that idea, Bischoff. 

Bischoff: Me, too. So where is Alexandria now, anyway? 

Damien: Our sources have her forces just outside New Orleans. If you hurry, you can catch up to her. 

Bischoff: You heard the man, Skeletox. Contact Raven and Neo Mesogog and have them meet us in Louisiana. 

Skeletox: Right. 

*As the Magitek contingent left the scene, Vayne said to Damien,*

Vayne: Now you see why I wanted to meet with them. They'll make excellent pawns to keep the enemy busy why we proceed with our plans. 

Damien: You do have a point. I'll check up on Gaspard and Kimberly now. 

*Vayne smiled.*

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*Back on Condor Island, Caity, Ciara, Annasophia, Gracie and I were observing what the other members of the east and west coast Golden Force squads were doing.*

Dark Raider Alpha: Well, this is what over 30 years of work has gotten this team. It's become an extended family. 

Ciara: Curious. Was that what you, Esteban, Zia and Tau had in mind when you created this team in Inwood Park in 1988? 

Dark Raider Alpha: Not at the time. Our first focus for us was finding the remaining cities of gold. We accomplished that in three years' time. And even during the crimefighting hiatus years of 1995 to 2000, we stuck together for even more adventures. 

Caity: But now, we face a threat that endangers everything you and the other founders set forth all those years ago. All of humanity is on our shoulders. 

*That's when GF West's Mikaela Shiffrin and Chrysti Ane Lopes, and GF East's Terra and Celes ran up to us and they said,*

Terra: We hate to interrupt your conversation, but we just picked up a dangerous situation in Louisiana that you might want to see. 

Gracie: Uh, oh. 

Caity: Show us. 

*The four of them brought the five of us to the computer center of the base and we saw for ourselves what was going on in Louisiana.*

Annasophia: Oh, for crying out loud. It's that yutz, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She's got a battalion with her. 

Gracie: That is never a good thing. It looks like some sort of hunting party. 

Mikaela: If you think that's bad, we also spotted the presence of other familiar nuisances in the area. Brace yourselves, folks. 

*When Ciara saw the presence of Bischoff, Skeletox, Raven and Neo Mesogog, she nearly had a fit.*

Ciara: *seeing red* Oh, hell no! Those Magitek losers again?!

Caity: Uh, oh. Looks like this just got personal. 

Dark Raider Alpha: Definitely. Those Magitek losers once controlled Ciara, don't you know. 

Annasophia: So, what's the gameplan for dealing with these guys in Louisiana. 

Caity: This calls for a small, joint operation to find out why they've gathered down there. If Gracie is right and it is a hunting party, we must learn who it is that's being hunted. 

Dark Raider Alpha: So who's coming on this trip? 

Caity: For now, you, me, Ciara, Annasophia and Gracie only. The rest of our friends stay here. 

Celes: Oh, drat. I so wanted to kick some Archadian a**. 

Caity: I understand, but judging by that force being lead by Ocasio-Cortez, a recon force would serve us much better. 

Dark Raider Alpha: In that case, mind if we make a pit stop in New Konoha first? 

Annasophia: New Konoha? Why, Uncle Raider? 

Dark Raider Alpha: There's an old friend of mine there who would just love to get involved in something like this. He hasn't seen any action since the Blizzard war. 

Ciara: I think I know who you're thinking of, hubby. 

Caity: Likewise. And I agree. His experience is almost as long as yours, DRA. We could definitely use his help. 

Terra: So should we tell the others you guys will be out for a while? 

Caity: Yes. Tell them to stand by if anything serious happens to us. 

Terra: Will do. 

*So I boarded my X-Wing fighter, Caity boarded her Falconzord and the other three boarded the original Golden Condor and we took off for New Konoha.*

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