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Der Wille Zur Macht

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Parts of this story will be built around a common concept among my "Immortal Legends" stories. 2 immortals. Besides the power of immortality, they have extra ordinary powers. One of them being telekinesis (to an extent). Another; the extraordinary ability to heal. Also the ability to control electricity and its power (to an extent) and the forces of natures (to an extent). One the female reaches age 18 and the male reaches  42, the aging process literally stops. There is but one difference between that concept in this story vs my Immortal Legends stories. The immortal legends is able to summon a pair of angelic-like wings at will.


This story in particular will be loosely based on the world, and some characters, in Final Fantasy 12.

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Ashelia B'Nargin Dalmasca was born to his majesty King Raminas and his lovely queen in the kingdom of Dalmasca. At the very young age of 7 she learned she was no ordinary girl, no ordinary princess for that matter. She learned she was one of the 2 chosen Sacred Immortals. All she knew of the other was it was a male born before her. As to who or where he was, it was a mystery. She often and regularly trained her newfound abilities. She did her best to only use what she had to to avoid being found out.


Vayne Carudas Solidor was born as the son of the great Emperor Gramis of Arcadia. When he was but 10 years old he learned of who and what he was; one of the immortal two. The idea of his new powers floored him, but he quickly got use to it. He practiced using them nearly everyday. He dreamed one day of becoming emperor of Arcadia and of a world without the Occuria. When his father learned of his son Vayne's power he was in disbelief at first. Once he got use to the idea of what his son was, he had big plans for him.


One day Vayne murdered his two older brother Palum and Trey at the request of his father. Emperor Gramis feared trouble on the rise when he learned that Palum and Trey found out what Vayne was and were threatening to make it public. When Vayne's younger brother Larsa found out about his older brother's abilities he offered comfort. Sadly what his younger brother did not know was the evil b*****d his older brother was becoming.


When Princess Ashe was only 16 years old, her father King Raminas arranged for her to wed Lord Rasler of Nabradia. Although Ashe was not happy with this, she understood the politcal nature of it. During her first meeting with Lord Rasler she wasn't all that impressed. But Lord Rasler was very taken by her. For her fathers sake, she did her best to go along with it.


When the day of her wedding came, Ashe and Lord Rasler were paraded down the aisle for all to see. As this was going on, the Arcadian Empire began their invasion of the Kingdom of Dalmasca. Princess Ashe and Lord Rasler got caught up in the mess. Sadly Lord Rasler died protecting his bride to be. Ashe did her best to avoid Arcadian forces. Vossler York Azelas, a trusted member of the Dalmascan forces fled underground alongside Princess Ashe and joined the resistance.


What would become of Dalmasca? What does the future now hold?

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*Rabanastre -  outside the Grand Cathedral*

-Lord Vayne Solidor of Archadia had been appointed consul of Rabanastre. A huge parade had begun in his honor. Bells throughout the entire city chimed to mark this special occasion. People lined the streets. When the hover car carrying the new consul reached the Grand Cathedral of Rabanastre, it stepped. He stepped into view for all to see.-

Vayne Solidor (raising his arms): "People of Dalmasca. I address you here today as the newly appointed Consul of of Rabanastre. Beginning in this city and then the kingdom of Dalmasca will come a new law and order. One of which will unite this kingdom's cities to be the most powerful and dominating kingdom in Ivalice....."



*Lowtown "below" Rabanastre - Old Dalaan's House*

-As Vayne continued his speech, Vossler, Princess Ashe, Penelo, and Vaan met at Old Dalaan's house in lowtown; Princess Ashe being in disguise.-


Old Dalaan: "Welcome princess. Vossler, I trust you are well?"

Vossler: "Indeed. Although we barely escaped detection by Imperial Soldiers in the city."

Penelo (slight worried): "I think one soldier spotted her. I don't know. I hope not."

Vaan: "Don't worry Penelo. If she was spotted, they would have been all over us by now."

Old Dalaan: "Not necessarily Vaan. To expose her right as they saw her, if they have, then that would in itself create much question. That of which I am sure would create a big stir among the people.  It would cause a bit of trouble for the empire."

Princess Ashe: "Dalaan what do you think will happen if I was spotted?"

Vossler: "I am sure word will get around the empire, which is why it is very important we be very careful Princess."

Old Dalaan: "The rest of the resistance remaining here in Rabanastre is on board for the siege upon the palace tonight. Are you prepared Princess?

Princess Ashe (nodding): "Yes. I believe so."

Old Dalaan: "We still have some time yet. So get some rest, you look tired. You can use my room. Me and the rest have much to discuss."


-An exausted Princess Ashe went into Old Dalaan's room. The bed was small but comfortable.-


*Rabanastre Royal Palace - Just after the parade - Hallway to the King's old Study*

-Lord Vayne was rather please with the parade that recieved his company. He  had decided to check out his new quarters, the royal palace of Rabanastre. He had a few Imperial Soldiers with him showing him around the palace. One of whom was a guard in the palace before the Empire's invasion 2 years ago. Suddenly an imperial guard came rushing towards them.-


Imperial Guard Gau: "You will approach his lordship in a more mannerly fashion Private Rigu."

Private Rigu: "My apologies your lordship, forgive me, but I have some news of utmost importance sir."

Vayne Solidor: "Alright, out with it."

Private Rigu: "It is as you suspected. The Princess Ashe herself is alive!"

Vayne Solidor: "What? What makes you believe such?"

Private Rigu: "One of our men at south part of town saw her. The hood over her head briefly blew off. She was spotted as she was trying to fix it."

Vayne Solidor: "Who would have thought the princess was alive. We need to increase the guards at all exits. A reward for anyone who brings her to me alive.".....


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*Rabanastre Royal Palace -  Vayne's new study*

-Lord Vayne Solidor sat down at the desk in King Raminas old study.-


Vayne Solidor (looking up from his desk): "Captain sl*tesman, what brings you here."

Captain sl*tesman: "The days reports sire."


-Imperial Guard Captain sl*tesman hands him some documents.-


Captain sl*tesman: "We have doubled the guard at each exit as well as our patrols my liege. Still no sign of the princess."

Vayne Solidor: "Keep your eyes open. We can't let her slip past us. Back to your post."



*Rabanastre Royal Palace - Palace Kitchen*

-Vaan, Penelo, Vossler, and Princess Ashe snuck into the palace via a secret passageway that lead into the kitchen. Princess Ashe was wearing a pair of loose black pants and loose black shirt. She had a hood over her head. Vaan and Penelo were wearing their usual.--


Penelo: "It sure is nice to have a friend in the palace."

Princess Ashe: "Very helpful indeed. Thank you Penelo."

Vossler: "Penelo try and keep it down, we can't risk being caught."

Penelo: "Sorry Vossler."


-The group then made their way through the hallways being careful not to be spotted. It wasn't long before they reached the palace vault. Penelo chuckled a little at 2 sleeping guards.-



Vossler: "Keep it down pl..."

Princess Ashe (interrupting): "I don't think these guards are sleeping."

Vossler (stepping closer): "It looks as if though they were knocked unconscious."

Princess Ashe: "Looks like someone else is here besides us."

Penelo (startled): "And there they are!"


-Princess Ashe noticed them too;  a human man and a female vierra. She stepped forward in an attempt to peacefully confront them.-


Princess Ashe: "Who are you? What are you doing here?""

Balthier: "After the loot too eh? Sorry I got here first."

Vossler: "You're that sky pirate Balthier aren't you?"

Balthier: "So you've heard of me. Very well I must be going. Better luck next..."

Princess Ashe: "Not until you hand over that necklace."

Balthier (holding up a necklace with a shiny stone): "Oh this...and why should I give it to you?"

Princess Ashe: "Because it belongs to me."


-Princess Ashe then removed her hood revealing her face.-


Fran: "You... you're the Princess Ashe! But I thought...."

Balthier: "She's probably an imposter."


-Princess Ashe took a few steps closer. The necklace Balthier was holding began to glow and react as Ashe reached out. Like an obedient dog to its master, the necklace went to her hand.-


Balthier: "But how.. you're alive?!"

Vossler: "No time for idle chatter. We must......"


-Before anyone could say anything. 5 Imperial Guards were running in their direction.-.....

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*Rabanastre Royal Palace -  Royal Vault Area*

-Princess Ashe quickly put the hood back over her head, drawing her sword. -Vossler quickly drew his while getting infront of Princess Ashe. Fran readied her bow.-


Vaan: "DAMN! We're spotted."

Penelo: "I feared this would happened."

Vossler: "Penelo keep it together girl."

Princess Ashe (low voice): "We can escape that way out of the palace and then into the sewers."


-Vossler nodded as did Balthier and Fran. Both of which had no choice but to follow them or else be left behind to be arrested by the Empire Imperial Guard.-


Princess Ashe (out of breath): "QUICK! This way!"


-Princess Ashe was pointed to a huge window at the end of the hallway on the second floor.-


Penelo: "Are we... going to jump out the window?"

Baltheir (pointing out a wagon below with hay in it): "Easy enough."


-Vossler and Princess Ashe both unlocked and opened the window. Vossler went first. Then Ashe. Then the others. Balthier pointed down an alleyway.-


Balthier: "This way will be quicker... Fewer guards this way."

Vossler (to everyone in a low voice): "Ready your weapons!"


-Princess Ashe drew her sword as the first guard down the alleyway saw her.-


Guard #1 (synical laugh): "What is that.. A NINJA?"

Guard #2: "Who cares. Let's dispatch these thieves."


-Princess Ashe dashed their way swiping her sword the second they approach her. She killed one guard but barely touched the other. She got caught off guard briefly, only to be saved by Vossler. As they defeated the guards, they quickly made their way into the sewers. Vaan was the last one in.-



Vaan: "I didn't see anyone headed our way. I think we're safe."

Balthier: "Where do you bundle plan to escape to?"

Penelo: "Lowtown...."

Balthier (shaking head): "If I were you people I wouldn't stay in one place for long. This little escapade probably attracted much attention."

Princess Ashe: "I hate to admit, but you're right. What do you suggest we do?"

Balthier: "The only thing we can do. Escape into....."


-Before Balthier could finish they were surrounded by imperiel guards.-


Imperial Guard Mofu: "Thought  you could get away with sneaking around the consul's new home, didn't you?"


-Before anyone could say or do anything sl*tesman, Captain of the Imperial Guard stepped forth.-


IG Capt. sl*tesman: "Guards take them into custody except for the one in black. She is  to be brought to the Airship Leviathan immediately. Lord Vayne will indeed be pleased."


-The imperial guards then swarmed Vossler, Vaan, Penelo, Balthier, and Fran. IG Capt sl*tesman and his 2 personal guard then grabbed Princess Ashe. One of them rubbed his hand on her chest.-


Princess Ashe: "Hands off me!"

IG Capt sl*tesman: "That's nothing compared to what will happen to you if you don't shut up!"


-sl*tesman then hit her on the back of the head with the handle of his sword knocking her completely unconscious.-.....

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*Airship Leviathan -  A room*

-Princess Ashe slowly opened her eyes. She looked around. A huge chest of drawers to the right;  a window with the most beautiful curtains and drapes. The bed she was on had sheets of silk.-


Princess Ashe (to herself): "Where... Where am I."


-She got up from the bed slowly and careful with a terrible headache. She then headed over to the window. Out the window was a clear blue sky. Moments later the door opened. She turned around to see who it was. It was Captain sl*tesman of the Imperial Guard.-


IG Capt sl*tesman: "Well, I see you are finally awake... Princess Ashe."

Princess Ashe (annoyed): "Where am I?!"

IG Capt sl*tesman: "My dear you are aboard the Airship Leviathan."

Princess Ashe: "By whose orders?!"

IG Capt sl*tesman: "By Lord Vayne of course. Speaking of which he requests your presence immediately."

Princess Ashe: "Then take me to him."

IG Capt sl*tesman: "First you must make yourself presentable. There is an outfit in the closet for you. Need some...help getting dressed?"

Princess Ashe: "Not from you,"

IG Capt sl*tesman (putting his hand on Ashe's face): "Why not? It would make my day."


-SUDDENLY Princess Ashe slapped IG Capt sl*tesman across the face.-


Princess Ashe: "Don't touch me!"

IG Capt sl*tesman (snickering): "You know you liked it. I'll be waiting outside."


-After sl*tesman left, Princess Ashe went over to the closet. She saw a beautiful ice blue dress, which looked too big for her. Then she saw an outfit with a short pink skirt and a fashionable top. The shoes came with some fancy leg armor. She decided to put it on rather than the dress she would be tripping over. When she was done she exited the room. IG Capt sl*tesman was waiting.-


IG Capt sl*tesman: "Lord Vayne will be pleased indeed."

Princess Ashe: "Let's get this over with."


-sl*tesman then led Princess Ashe to Vayne's study on the ship.-



*Airship Leviathan -  Vayne's Study*

 -He knocked on the door as they arrived.-


Vayne Solidor: "You may enter Captain sl*tesman."


-IG Captain sl*tesman entered alongside Princess Ashe.-


IG Capt sl*tesman (turning to Ashe): "You will do well to mind yourself around Lord Vayne, Princess!"

Vayne Solidor: "That'll be enough Captain. Leave us."


-sl*tesman grumbled, but left the study.-


Vayne Solidor: "Please, have a seat."


-Princess Ashe sat in one of the chairs infront of his desk.-


Princess Ashe: "Why am I here? What do you want with me... and my kingdom?!"

Vayne Solidor: "To govern its people to forge their own path and not one directed by an outside force."

Princess Ashe: "You are a hypocrite!"

Vayne Solidor: "What about you Princess? How do you know the way you plan to rule is the right way? Hmmm? How do any of us know?"

Princess Ashe: "Get to the point and let me go...."

Vayne Solidor: "I am afraid I cannot just simply let you go. You see... the people think you are dead. To show up now would make you look like an imposter. Do you really think the people will listen to you if you present yourself as such?"

Princess Ashe: "What is it you want?!".....


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