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Der Wille Zur Macht

Additions and new look - Expanding our horizons

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For the longest time we stuck with the following areas:

1) Hurricane/Typhoon advisories

2) Writings

3) An off topic area.


It was fine for awhile. It made things simple. But, over time things have changed. So we've added a few areas and re-organized.

We put our "Forum Announcements" area in a newly created section "Command Center" section. We put our "Off Topic" area in there and we added a few other areas as well; "Support & Suggestions" and "Public Service Announcements".


We have a newly created "Global Happenings" section. That's where we put our area for Hurricane advisories and discussion on the other furies of nature. We also added a news area for the posting and discussing of news; "News Front". One HUGE rule: NO POLITICS.


We've created and organized a movie discussion area and a TV show discussion area. Even one for events.


We added a discussion area for gaming, sports, and comics & books.


We expanded upon our "Writings On The Wall" section by adding "Little Bits", which is for small writings; quotes, poems, little short stories.


We created a section called "The Abyss". We put the "Question Of The Month" area in a newly created section called "The Q&A". That to which we added 2 areas: "You Be The Judge" and "Would you rather...?".


We created another section in "The Abyss" and are calling it "Nothing...But A Good Time". Within that we have 2 little areas; "Little Games In Fun" and "Scavenger Hunt".


So look around, post, and enjoy!

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