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Good afternoon folks. We are now OPEN.

The forum (basics)

Sign up/in: There's several ways to sign up (and sign in) besides the traditional way; Twitter, Linked In, Google, and Microsoft.

Member Profiles: Unlike the other forums, this one has more to to member profiles such as status updates via one of the sign in methods. You can use your profile picture from whatever social site you've connected to your account and other things too. Just play around with the settings a little until fit them to your liking. You can also go to other member profiles and choose to "follow" them. You can even see who has viewed your profiles. Even post status updates.

Blogs: Once a "New Member" reaches 26 posts he/she is automatically moved to the "Member" group. Upon such occurrence, feel free to create a blog as you wish.

Gallery: Nothing in it yet, but will be eventually. A few decisions just have to be made.

Reputation: In the bottom right corner of each post, you can chose to "react" to it. The angry face will take away a reputation point. The sad and confused faces neither give or take away. The heart is simply a "like". The little trophy like thing means you're giving thanks and showing gratitude in some form. The laughing face means you find it funny or you might want to use it to display some sarcasm.


Some Little Things

1. Do not "reply" to anything in "The Stories" section. Each thread made by a member is for stories they write. If you have a comment, create a thread in "Story Reviews".

2. Overall, just get to know the forums.




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Minor information correction.
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Don't forget to go to your profile, scroll down, and look to the bottom left and click "enable". This will allow you to see who has viewed your profile.

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