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The Flash on CW Ending With Season 9, Leaving the Arrowverse All but Dead

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There has to be rules established for watching superhero shows now, so I'll establish them. First, the show cannot be on a network. It must be streaming only(a la Titans and Doom Patrol.) Second, the writers cannot be woke. Third, vet the actors properly so we don't ever get another Caity Lotz or Candice Patton again. Finally, the show cannot be part of a shared universe or else its impact will get diluted. The last 10 years showed us that this was the case for those Arrowverse shows. 


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This collapse is entirely on the showrunners. If they had focused more on telling good stories and less on social engineering bullcrap, they would not find themselves in the situation they are in now. And I do agree that the actors were part of the problem. They let their roles get to their heads, and as a result, they thought they could treat people like garbage anytime they wanted. 


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This could have been something special. It could have been something people would never forget for years. Instead, that universe became a conduit for bullying, harrassment and namecalling. I have never seen anything this bad in my life. 


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