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Johnny Depp Supporters Gang Up on Women's March After It Expressed Support for Amber Heard

Samus Aran

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Johnny Depp Supporters Gang Up on Women's March After It Expressed Support for Amber Heard


Johnny Depp supporters are no longer even trying to hide that their attacks on his ex-wife Amber Heard are rooted in misogyny rather than concern for male victims.

So now it's Misogynist to believe Johnny Depp over proven abuser Amber Heard. WOW. Obvious bias in favor of Amber Heard.



“Sexism & misogyny are the reasons so much of the internet believes Johnny Depp - not his victim, Amber Heard - despite ALL the evidence of his abuse,” the Women’s March account tweeted.

And that evidence is edited pictures. Also with the injuries she claimed to have gotten, where are the scars?



It concluded, “When society sees abused women as conniving b***hes rather than victims & survivors, that’s rape culture & misogyny at work. If women with the privilege and resources of Amber Heard & Evan Rachel Wood can’t be believed, there’s not much hope for the rest of us.”

What this says is that if you don't believe Amber Heard then you are hopeless because you view women in general negatively.



Michele Dauber, a Stanford professor who organized against the judge that sentenced Stanford rapist Brock Turner to only six months in jail and has vocally spoken out against Depp, isn’t surprised by any of this. She’s experienced the brunt of online harassment from Depp supporters herself.

What's wrong with Michele Duber is she is putting all Johnny Depp supporters in a negative light. A few unstable ones went too far and now she labels and chastises all support for Johnny Depp as some high crime.

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