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Der Wille Zur Macht

The world’s second biggest movie theater chain is in trouble

Samus Aran

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11 hours ago, Goldenforce772 said:

And who is smiling at this news? Me, because I call this justice for those who were lifetime banned.

I got banned for removing my mask during mask rules. I was labeled as a public health threat. My reason for mask removal briefly was I needed to use my inhaler. 

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On 8/20/2022 at 7:58 AM, Goldenforce772 said:

Well, karma is biting them in the a** now, isn't it? Bankruptcy is too good for them. 

I got banned for a year from Regal cinemas. Some jerk that wouldn't stop hitting on me ripped my mask off my face when I wouldn't give him $2 more he needed to pay for his food. Luckily I had a spare mask. I put it on. But that wasn't enough for the manager. I was labeled a safety risk. I also got a lecture ho giving someone $2 for their food would have been the kind thing to do.


So, Regal can rot.


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