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Disney CEO Bob Chapek: Moviegoers Have 'Moved On' From Pre-Pandemic Release Model

Samus Aran

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Disney CEO Bob Chapek: Moviegoers Have 'Moved On' From Pre-Pandemic Release Model


Disney CEO Bob Chapek has stated that he believes moviegoers have "moved on" from the pre-pandemic release model that was so focused on theaters.


Chapek sat down with THR and was asked about D23's Disney and Pixar studio showcase that featured a lot of announcements for Disney+. In the past, Disney has obviously launched its biggest franchises with the help of the movie theater, but this age of streaming has put a bigger focus on services like Disney+, and Disney believes it's time to ride that wave into the future.

Streaming is king like @Goldenforce772 has said.



"Absolutely. We fully believe that," Chapek said of launching a franchise on a streamer like Disney+. "We’ve had titles in the past that, frankly, we put out in theatrical exhibition world [like] Encanto. It was a modest success theatrically and then we put it into Disney+ and it shot up to No. 1.

This I like to hear. It goes to streaming and it has MORE success.



"That doesn’t mean we’re not going to take great Marvel and Star Wars movies, and Avatar, and put them first in theatrical. We will because it’s a wonderful way to experience those films. But that does not mean that everything, for it to be credible or for it to eventually turn into a Disney franchise, has to go through that."

What this means is something doesn't have to go through theatres to be great.

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