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Lifetime/LMN Horror ideas

Keri Johnson

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On 9/13/2022 at 11:54 PM, Keri Johnson said:

Who has ideas for a Lifetime or LMN horror movie?

My horror-based Lifetime/LMN pitch: Dread's Delight.


A group of 6 friends (Nicholas Braun, Ashley Doris, Nikki Leigh, Carlos PenaVega, Lucas Till, and Katrina Bowden) head out to an old apartment in the hopes of giving it new life. Little do they know, however, is that the apartment used to belong to a serial killer who was executed for his crimes, and that his descendant is at large and wants revenge.


Additional casting: Wayne Knight and Diane Robin as Nicholas Braun's parents, Jon Briddell, Lisa Cole, and Jade Pettyjohn as a married couple and their college-aged daughter/Wayne, Diane, and Nicholas's neighbors, Ross Jirgl and Jessica Blackmore as local cops, Steve Richard Harris as the serial killer in flashback, Natasha Wilson, Juliana Destefano, and Devante Winfrey as Steve's victims also in flashback, Gigi Gustin and Megan Leah as sisters who get killed in the beginning, and Brittany Curran as Nicholas and friends' tour guide.


Distributors: The Asylum and The Ninth House.


Writers and executive producers: Rolfe Kanefsky and Naomi Selfman.


Additional executive producers: David Rimawi, Jared Cohn, Tamar Halpern, Adam Rockoff, and David Chester.


Producers: David Michael Latt, Autumn Federici, and Jake Helgren.


Music: Britlin Lee Furst.


Stunts: Hector David, Jr.


Director and co-producer: Jared Cohn.

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