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Der Wille Zur Macht

PrivateArrxw: Extreme Abuse By Vindictive/Vicious Amber Heard Fan

Samus Aran

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  Background info prior to this particular matter.

Because this is so long, I felt it needed to be its own post and not a reply to the original thread. The original post will be locked, as any other updates will be posted here. If you have anything to say regarding the original post, post it here and link to the exact reply you're commenting about.


PrivateArrxw got themselves suspended for hateful conduct on Twitter. They came on here and got banned for threats and harassment. Their actions got consequences. PrivateArrxw decided to retaliate by creating a post on a site known for use by bullies. Granted.....not everyone using "dramagg" is a bullies, but it's mostly used by bullies to shame their victims and make them appear as the aggressor.


Here I will address each of these claims. A big thank you to @Mandy Girl for getting screenshots of the entire post.


To start out, PrivateArrxw mentioned their Twitter ban. That which happened due to abusive behavior. I reported them for telling @Mandy Girl to commit suicide.




PrivateArrxw denying they told @Mandy Girl to kill herself. They then bring up Twitter user AmberHeardHouse saying she is 15. If AmberHeardHouse was really 15, she wouldn't be tweeting during times she should be asleep or at school. She use to make that mistake alot, but now she's being "Careful". Also, PrivateArrxw here claims they made a post on our forum here saying "if AHH drove Mandy's brother to sucidie, then I'm horrified". Now where's this supposed post they made? They show no proof, nor do they try. That's right. They can't. It doesn't exist and never did. Oh and I didn't just say that PrivateArrxw made a threat. I proved it.




Okay, so PrivateArrxw is saying accounts that support me talk similarly. So basically they are using a typical bully tactic of "same person". What that is is the bully tries to get the viewers to believe their victims (or intended victims) are the same person whether saying so directly or implying it. The purpose of this is to make their victim list appear smaller so people who believe them will be more likely help to attack and/or spread lies, slander, and rumors. Another purpose of this tactic is to isolate the victims. Whether they frighten away their friends or make the victims feel so bad, they isolate themselves. Talking about the same issue does not make 2+ people  the same person or talking similarly. If that was true then everyone talking about how they dislike donuts or heavy metal or the 80s or robots would all be the same person. Same goes for people using the same hashtags. So by PrivateArrxw's logic anyone using the same hashtags or talking about the same issues, makes them the same person and/or talking similarly. Failed logic by PrivateArrxw.




PrivateArrxw further tries to cast suspicion on me, @Angie M, and @Keri Johnson by trying to make us look like one in the same. Subtlety before and now. They seem to really be pushing this. Honest people don't get that pushy. Now let me address this crazy claim. For one the usernames aren't all similar; CaseyN772, Keri77796, SamusSilver3.  The location, "United States of America" is in alot of bios. So I guess that means everyone who has that in their bio is the same person. Again, failed logic on PrivateArrxw's part. @Angie M, @Keri Johnson, and I share a similar outlook on life. @Angie M liked @Keri Johnson's bio, but didn't want to put the same thing, so she put something similar. I liked the positive messages of their bios so I came up with my own positive about life bio. Of course, PrivateArrxw tries to paint that as something sinister. PrivateArrxw also tries to bring @Zenon into this. Trying to involve a friend of their victims is a bully's way of trying to isolate them from their friend, hoping that the friend will blame them and sever the friendship or start a fight.






I've personally seen the hateful DMs @Angie M has received because of AmberHeardHouse. Because she claims she's 15, even though she's not, and how she gaslights her followers and others..... it's how and why @Angie M got so many. Lots of the DMs were from throwaway accounts. When they came in, she would report and block to help diminish the number coming in. She wasn't thinking about making video. Her first priority was to stop it. Report and block. @Angie M has enough people vouching for her and to her character. PrivateArrxw points out that I am prolife and for Johnny Depp. Then PrivateArrxw implies that because they and AmberHeardHouse are teens and the opposite of me, it gives me motive to attack them. PrivateArrxw is very much pushing the age they and AmberHeardHouse claim to be along with acting like because we have opposing views, it means I will attack them over it. If their failed logic had any merit, wouldn't I be nasty and attacking others with different views? I'm not. So their claim holds no water.




Here's where PrivateArrxw fails miserably. So, if they're correct in that only staff on my forum can see edits when the box is unchecked, then how come, I, a staff member, don't see edits on a post by PrivateArrxw that I took a screenshot of? Also where there is space between the bottom of the post and signature, it means the person pressed ENTER to go to the next line, but didn't type anything. Of course PrivateArrxw tries to make a conspiracy out of it.






Another slip up by PrivateArrxw. Their "proof" that it isn't them talking is the F WORD appearing with asterisks. Let me blow that claim out of the water. There's word filters in place. If someone says the F WORD, you will see an F and two asterisks and then a k. If they say it with ING, same thing, but with ING at the end. PrivateArrxw hopes that those seeing their post won't know this.




PrivateArrxw royally screwed themselves here. They say they did a search and nowhere did AmberHeardHouse say the 4 letter F word. I have rock solid proof that AmberHeardHouse has multiple times. PROOF HERE: https://archive.ph/Bp8Eo

Also in the first part of this, PrivateArrxw slips up. In the same paragraph they imply they aren't PrivateArrxw and then make it obvious they are. PROOF HERE: https://archive.ph/mLlyu

PrivateArrxw goes on to claim I posted coordinates which would indicate an exact address. What I posted was completely covered minus the first bit and last bit of the IP. Even the longitude and latitude coordinates with it was covered.

The screenshots that PrivateArrxw posted cover everything. Extra covering  over the parts they claimed I showed. They try to make it look like that only parts with the redlines were the only parts I covered. Again, I point out extra covering by PrivateArrxw for the parts they claimed I never covered. They covered the part I covered via photoshop to make me look like a liar so no one sees the red lines I used to cover up potentially personal info. Here's the post in question I made awhile ago that proves me right and PrivateArrxw the liar. PROOF HERE: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/topic/5774-privatearrxw-obsessive-stalker-and-bully/?do=findComment&comment=38330

I didn't violate our own privacy policy because I covered up what was personal.








Again, PrivateArrxw mentions the age they are pretending to be. Seemingly always when they're about to try and slander me further. I also see that, via photoshop, that PrivateArrxw removed my red line I used to cover their email address so it looks like it wasn't there. It was there, PROOF HERE: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/topic/5774-privatearrxw-obsessive-stalker-and-bully/?do=findComment&comment=38330





PrivateArrxw tries to claim they were blocked by AmberHeardHouse as they left the Amber Heard community. Those with a trained eye, if you look really close, you can tell this is photoshopped. Considering PrivateArrxw and their obsessive vindictive behavior thus far, that they made obvious, they've ruined their own credibility.....by far.




PrivateArrxw then asks that an "illegal activities" category be added to that post. Very overdramatic of them. PrivateArrxw ruined their own credibility, as I pointed out above a few times. They also go on to repeat themselves and try to convince those viewing of their "wah wah this is edited" lie. This is in a comment to their own post to their own thread. I can understand commenting to your own post to add information, but to comment to their own post repeating information..... That just stinks of trying to work overtime to get people to believe what they are saying. An innocent person wouldn't be acting like this.






Here's where it gets really pathetic, you know.....where PrivateArrxw thinks they have a victory and that they got me.

They claim I broke several laws. They bring up "doxing with the intent of malice". I didn't dox anyone. I didn't post their real name, exact location, or contact information. I covered up much of the IP, their email, and the longitude and latitude number that came with the IP. If I was doxxing, I would have posted ALOT more. If I had malicious intent, again, I would have posted alot more. So that claim is BLOWN out of the water.

Now they say I made a "Privacy Law Violation". As I explained before, no personal info posted. Covering up much of the IP isn't posting personal information.

Also, PrivateArrxw claims I can be arrested for defaming him. For one, I proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt that I didn't defame him and everything I said is true. Any doubts, reread everything above.

Also, PrivateArrxw attempts to make it look like someone being able to view the online user list is some horrible major privacy violation. It isn't. They are just trying to be overdramatic a slight bit so they appear more believable.







Summary Of Thoughts

PrivateArrxw claims I broke laws and did this and that wrong. I've proven myself to be innocent in more ways than one. If anyone broke any laws here, that would be PrivateArrxw.

1) Stalking.

2) Harassment.

3) Slander.

4) Defamation.

5) Threats.

6) Death Threats.


They are guilty of quite alot. More so since I've proven their claims to be false and I've proven them to be a liar. They've shown themselves to be vindictive and obsessive. I spoke up in a thread about their abusive behavior. POST HERE:




In it I show a threat they made towards me, on behalf of AmberHeardHouse, to get me to remove a post by my friend @Angie M regarding vile behavior by AmberHeardHouse. The post with proof of threat is here:




PrivateArrxw has made their intentions clear. They do not take kindly to anyone speaking up and speaking the truth when in comes to their behavior. When that happens, they react by being petty, vicious, vindictive and engaging in horrific behaviors. All while painting their victim as the problem and themselves as the victim. DARVO comes to mind.


All the screenshots posted here have been archived HERE: https://archive.ph/Y0BBa


This all started because @Angie M, @Keri Johnson, and myself are not Amber Heard fans. AmberHeardHouse didn't like that. They had @Angie M harassed. PrivateArrxw participated in that because they are enamored by AmberHeardHouse and  very enamored by Amber Heard herself. Although PrivateArrxw tries to hide it.


I am pretty sure PrivateArrxw will continue their slanderous crusade against me and those that speak out against them. I am very sure they will use manipulative means (photoshop, etc) to make me look like the liar. I am very sure PrivateArrxw will go to extreme measures and might get quite very elaborate to fabriate what they call proof. So elaborate it will look, appear, and be very convincing. PrivateArrxw has very much shown they're more than capable of it in many ways. I know who I am. As do my friends. I am a good, honest, decent and kind person.


I've said all I can. All I really got left to say is if PrivateArrxw continues their behavior show here, or worse, they will make it even more obvious they're not the victim here. Not that they ever were the victim. PrivateArrxw is the aggressor. A very vicious, mentally unstable, and vindictive aggressor. I will no longer look at their slanderous, libelous, and defamatory site. If I touch on this matter again, it's only to post what's necessary for an update, if needed.


I will be moving on.



EDIT (last updated: 9/28/2022 at 8:06pm ET)

UPDATE#1: PrivateArrxw attempts to defend their actions and portray themselves as the victim and their victims as the problem.



UPDATE#2: PrivateArrxw continues their 8-12 hours a day stalking.



UPDATE#3: PrivateArrxw using bots to flood the forums.



UPDATE#4: PrivateArrxw tries to have evidence hidden to hide his guilt and make himself look more like the victim they're not.


Edited by Samus Aran
Added Update#4.
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  • Samus Aran changed the title to PrivateArrxw: Extreme Abuse By Vindictive/Vicious Amber Heard Fan

Here's what has my attention. PrivateArrxw says they spoofed their IP and that's what @Samus Aran saw. But they have a huge meltdown over part of it being posted and some coordinates.


Why have a meltdown about all that unless they were lying and trying to put on a show to gain sympathy?

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I hate bullies with a burning passion. They're a victim of their own demise. They're cowards who hide behind their insecurities and would rather torment innocent people. This situation with bullies like PrivateArrxw and AmberHeardHouse must not be allowed to continue.

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This all started because Amberheardhouse targeted me. PrivateArrxw joined in to help her make me look bad so they could look good to her.


PrivateArrxw is not 14. Amberheardhouse is not 15. They pretend to be teens so when someone crosses them, they can easily gain a following of people willing to shut up anyone for them. A following that won't mind attacking others for them, thinking they're defending kids online.


PrivateArrxw is taking their hate crusade against me, @Mandy Girl, and @Samus Aran too far. For what? We chose to speak up and speak the truth? PrivateArrxw is taking very elaborate measures to attack, defame, and slander us. If PrivateArrxw was some innocent victim, they wouldn't be taking things so far and constantly lurking here. They wouldn't have joined, made threats, and lied about it.


Now PrivateArrxw has made some post somewhere twisting the truth so it looks like they're the victim. Far from it. @Samus Aran made many good points. Many I was going to make, but she did it better.


It's obvious that PrivateArrxw is obsessed with taking this far and their hatred is on a grand scale.  What do people with that mindset do? They stalk, harass, bully and intimidate to shut up those speaking up. PrivateArrxw has already shown they're capable of it. Considering how far they have gone and are going, I wouldn't doubt it if they pulled some elaborate crazy sh*t to create (fabricate) evidence to make me, and others speaking up, look terrible. I wouldn't put it past him to falsify something that could fool anyone. PrivateArrxw has shown they are capable of it and that obsessed.


The behavior by PrivateArrxw is very disturbing.

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10 hours ago, DesertFox said:

I hate bullies with a burning passion. They're a victim of their own demise. They're cowards who hide behind their insecurities and would rather torment innocent people. This situation with bullies like PrivateArrxw and AmberHeardHouse must not be allowed to continue.

PrivateArrxw is a terrible person.  I'd say they're the definition of a sociopath. Tell me I'm wrong.

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