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Taylor Lorenz warns new Twitter COVID policy will cause ‘more deaths’

Samus Aran

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Taylor Lorenz warns new Twitter COVID policy will cause ‘more deaths’


Media and Twitter users noticed this week that Twitter, under Musk’s ownership, recently ended its policy to penalize accounts posting information on COVID-19 that made assertions contrary to "authoritative sources." 

GOOD! Alot of these authoritative sources are quick to label something misinformation that it disagrees with.



Since the previous policy was enacted in 2020, over 11,000 Twitter accounts had been suspended for violating this policy. 

A friend of mine got suspended for mentioning how sick a vaccine made her. She didn't tell anyone not to get it, but mentioned it made her sick. She got suspended from Twitter for "COVID MISINFORMATION"



"But experts say Musk’s decision will lead to more deaths," Lorenz warned. 

Unless Taylor Lorenz starts to tackle how some authoritative sources label something misinformation it disagrees with, or doesn't like.....she needs to SHUT THE f**k UP!

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