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Der Wille Zur Macht

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A married couple (Anthony Anderson and Josie Davis) are pretty blessed after the wife finally gives birth to their child. In the months that follow, however, the child is kidnapped, sending its parents into panic mode. The couple must work together to figure out whoever their kidnapper is and locate them before they lose their child for good, as the kidnapper's intentions are quite sinister.


Additional casting: Jessica Morris as Josie Davis's recently-widowed cousin, Corin Nemec as Jessica's ill-fated husband, John Amos, Diana Ross, and April Hale as Anthony Anderson's parents and sister, Oliver Hudson and Megan Rees as Josie and Anthony's childhood friends, Lisa Cole as Josie and Anthony's caring doula, Matt Dallas and Tyler Alvarez as a couple just starting out and seeking Anthony and Josie's guidance, Alicia Blasingame and Jacob Taylor as cops, Lauren Buglioli as a mysterious woman with information on the kidnapper, Mark Famiglietti and Katee Sackhoff as a neighboring married couple, and Meredith Thomas as a racist neighbor to Anthony and his family.


Distributors: Reel One Entertainment and The Ninth House.


Writers and executive producers: Josie Davis and Jake Helgren, from a story by Jessica Morris.


Additional executive producers: Jessica Morris, Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry, and Breanne Hartley.


Producers: Autumn Federici, Naomi L. Selfman, David Chester, Christine Conradt, Demetrius Stear, and Dylan Vox.


Music: Todd Haberman and Andrew Skrabutenas.


Stunts: Nikki Leigh.


Director: Doug Campbell.

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